U. S. History & Government

I must admit I'm horrible at teaching history, U. S. or otherwise.

I've always thought of history as my worst subject all through school.  I hated the facts, dates, and dry information of war after war.  The important people never seemed "real" to me and so I think it's something I really struggle with teaching because I'm afraid to teach it "wrong." 

I don't want my kids to have the same dreaded sense of boredom when the word history is mentioned. 

That said we have done a few things with U. S. history over the years that I think were pretty fun. 

We acted out the underground railroad in their rooms one dark stormy morning while reading:
  • Sojourner Truth's Step Stomp Stride
  • Freedom's A- Callin' Me by Ntozake Shange
  • Minty- A story of Young Harriet Tubman by Alan Schroeder
  • Only Passing Through; the Story of Sojourner Truth
  • Underground
We've also read:
  • Gold! Gold! From the American river (California Gold Rush)
  • Tonight on the Titanic
  • D is for Democracy: A Citizen's Alphabet
  • A is for America: An American Alphabet
  • M is for Majestic: A National Parks Alphabet
  • Capital
  • Sitting Bull Remembers
  • Apples to Oregon
  • We've read the whole Magic Tree House series and have "met" many famous historical figures
  • 10 Mile day (the building of the transcontinteal railroad)
  • K-9 dogs
  • Tom Sawyer
  • Lewis and Clark and Me: A Dog's Tail
  • Lewis and Clark: A Prairie Dog For the President 
  • I Survived series
  • Who is? Series
  • Dear Mr. Washington
Learning about life in "old" Providence
We've visited places to learn about history too:
  • Old Sturbridge Village
  • Mystic Seaport
    Learning about harpooning by harpooning! 
  • Prudence Crandall House
  • Dinosaur State Park
  • The Mashentucket Pequot Museum
  • Nautilus Museum

  • Fort Wetherill
  • Providence Children's Museum
  • Newport Mansion cruise
  • Fort Adams
  • Universal Studios
Learning about Dinosaurs at Universal Studios

Websites we use to teach history:
Movies About History/Government:
We played games too like:
  • American History Go Fish Game
  • American Trivia


  1. I just started homeschooling this year. My son is in 2nd grade. I am still trying to figure it all out. But, I love the freedom so far. Freedom of curriculum, of learning and expanding on what he is interested in. He is a history nut. While I didn't enjoy it in high school many moons ago, I am enjoying it now. LOVE Liberty kids. We are getting them from Netflix right now. He thoroughly enjoys them. It has been fun taking him to all kinds of different places as well. I can relate to what you were saying about learning in your one post this month, talking about the acorns sprouting and going to the bank. The way they were teaching my son the basics was annoying me. He wasn't learning them. We have been working on math our way, and I like it. I love when we were counting up something and he pops up without even thinking that we needed that certain amount to make it to our total - like your son with his savings and Amazon order.

    I have to say, I am enjoying finding things and taking him to things with new homeschool groups, as well as on our own. A free museum day last weekend thanks to the Smithsonian and their free pass day for two. Our memberships to the zoos and museums near us. It helps that he loves the learn and research and read. He always has.


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