In homeschooling my children I've thought a lot about my parenting and teaching philosophy.  I've thought about how to meld them together.   I've thought a lot about how to make my children's childhood packed with wonderful memories and a sense of accomplishment.

I strive to be the best parent (and teacher) I can be.  I make mistakes (sometimes what feel like colossal ones) and I try to apologize, move on, and learn from those mistakes.

I'm human.

I'm never perfect, but I hope some day my boys will think I was the perfect mom for them.

I analyze our family finances and dynamics, trying to make us the best unit I can.

I read-- A LOT about child rearing, homeschooling, budgeting, keeping marriages strong, and try to apply all new concepts I think we can benefit from.

I think of some of my favorite childhood memories and draw on those.

Self- reliance, self- guidance, and self- discovery are, to me anyway, cornerstones of growing up.

I'm there to guide my children and to try and keep them safe while allowing them to explore the world and their place in it.  

I think children learn best when they're invested and interesting in what they're learning.  I try to make as much of our day as hands- on as possible.  I try to give my boys freedom and choices when planning our day.

I usually have an outline of what I'd like to get accomplished in our day but the boys know they are free to pick and chose what they want to participate in doing.  They can tweak their daily work and their suggestions are always welcomed by me.

I look at our homeschooling as more of a partnership and hope that by given up some control I'm giving my boys ownership.

Websites I use for inspiration:

Books & Magazines I've read or use:
  • Hold that though for kids (a series of interviews to ask your children)
  • Discipline without yelling or spanking
  • America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right On the Money
  • Even June Cleaver Would Forget The Juice Box
  • Family Fun
  • A Chicken's Guide to Talking Turkey with your kids about Sex
  • Family Circle
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Free Range Parenting; How to Raise safe, self- reliant children without going nuts with worry. 
As my children change and grow my parenting philosophy changes and grows to.  I am always reading, learning, and fine tuning how I relate with my children.


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