We bought a math curriculum for the two older boys but honestly, we don't use it all that much.  We have tons of hands- on math activities we do most days instead.  I encourage the boys to cook & to cook from scratch reading and adding fractions (when we double recipes).  When out shopping I encourage them to add up their own purchases before we get to the registers and figure out if they'll get any change back.  When we're planning to head to anything that charges admission I ask them how much it will cost for us all.  Sometimes we round our numbers before adding too.  At a park or zoo that sells tickets I'll have the boys figure out how to divide them equally and we've talked about remainders.  I have them help figure out the tip when we dine out.  I don't do all of these every single time but I try to show them all the ways they'll be using math in everyday life as they get older so that they are interested in learning math. 

Math books:
  •  McRuffy Press 2nd & 3rd grade series (with teacher manuals)
  • Cereal Math
  •  Instant File- Folder Games for Math
  • Math Games
  • Math Made Easy workbooks
  • Sudoku for kids
  • Extreme dot to dot books
  • Games for Math 
  • Verbal Math Lesson 1 & 2
  • Ian's new favorite books-- Key To... books.  This set is on Measurement and we also have fraction books.  
  • Evan loved the Star Wars math workbooks for first and second grade too

Books we've read about Math:
  • The Grapes of Math
  • Math Potatoes
  • How Big is a Million
  • My Half Day
  • One Odd Day
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs for All
  • Math on the playground series
  • The doorbell rang
  • My Even Day 
  • Full house: an invitation to fractions
  • On the Scale; a weighty tale
  • Among the Odds and Evens
  • Sir Cumference and the Viking's Map (there's a whole series of these Sir Cumference books) 
making patterns on our hundreds chart

Online resources:

 Our favorite math Manipulatives

Games we play for math:
  • Yahtzee
  • Life
  • Monopoly-- regular and Pokemon version 
  • Zeus on the Loose
  • Pay Day
  • Add a Bug
  • Rummy
  • Cribbage
  • Clue (teaches problem solving and logic)
  • Jenga
  • Sudoku 
  • Phase 10
  • Qwirkle
  • Rummikub


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