Homeschool Philosophy

When I first started reading about homeschooling I didn't know where to start so I started with "The Everything Guide to Homeschooling." 

As I finished the book I knew with three young boys I wanted to focus on learning through games and hands on fun. 

When we first began homeschooling I pushed myself and my boys to try and follow an unschooling model... but we found that no matter how hard we tried we just could not leave our public schooling roots behind so we became what I like to call "Almost Unschoolers." 

We use books and workbooks for core subjects like math, spelling, and English but try to focus on life learning.  I keep any lessons that I'm teaching short and to the point so we have plenty of time each day for lots of fun and hands on learning. 

I follow the passions of my boys and often let them pick what subjects we'll be learning about at any given time. 

I found several great resources (in book form) that I purchased to keep at hand in our house that help remind me of the importance of giving children freedom and choices in homeschooling. 

While I have a plethora of ideas from just those books alone I am continually surfing the web looking for activity ideas for all subjects.  Sometimes I even find stuff I want to try with the boys just for fun, after all a large part of wanting to homeschool my boys is so that we can spend even more quality time together as a family cementing those bonds.  What better way to do that could there possibly be than getting silly together and creating wonderful memories?!  The best is when the boys think we're just having fun and I know they're learning.

Some of my books and resources:
  • Games for Learning
  • The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas
  • Family Fun (I have a subscription to the magazine but I also love their site)
  • Carschooling
  • Einstein Never Used Flashc Cards; How our children really learn and why they need to play more and memorize less.
  • The unschooling handbook : how to use the whole world as your child's classroom
  • The Unschooling Unmanual
  • Free Range Kids 
  • Free To Learn

Some websites I use:


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