Language Arts

I tend to think of Language Arts as reading, writing, spelling, grammar, etc all rolled into one.

Language  is all around us and I believe my boys are learning even when we aren't following a set lesson.

  I have tons of materials, games, and books we use for teaching the boys to read, spell and learn the language.

Our field trip to Mark Twain's house! 

For writing and cursive writing the boys have
  • Cursive Writing Practice
  • Pictures in Cursive
  • Cursive Writing Practice: Jokes and Riddles
  • Draw, Write, Now
  • Pirate's Guide to the Grammar of Story
Using his Draw Write Now book

For reading activities I use books like:
For grammar and spelling:
  •  Mad libs
  • scrabble
  • upwords
  • sight word bingo
  • Words with Friends
  • Spill and Spell
  • Word Wave 
  • Success with sight words
  • Boggle
  • 101 Ways to Improve Your Grammar Skills
  • Daily Paragraph Editing (though we don't use this daily)
  • Spelling Connections
  • Third Grade Spelling Success (and if it goes well we'll continue on in the series) 

Playing sight word Bang!

For writing we use ideas from:
  • Funny and Fabulous Story Prompts
  • Pinterest!
  • copywork (usually a favorite poem)
  • create new endings or versions of our favorite books
Websites where we play with words:
spelling with cookies

 When practicing spelling words or sight words we play games and do fun activities like:
  • Stomp the Sight word (I write sight words on bubble wrap and they pop it as they read it)
  • Memory matching
  • Bang! 
  • Sight Word Slam
  • Write words in shaving cream
  • Write words in corn meal
  • Write the words on our windows with dry erase markers
  • Stamp the words in play- doh using rubber stamps
  • Throw water balloons at the words written on the driveway
  • Sight word hopscotch
  • Type spelling words on the computer
  • Spell using alphabet cookies or cracker
  • Hunt for Spelling/ sight words
  • spell using Scrabble tiles or spill and spell game
  • play Words With Friends, Scrabble, Boggle, Word Wave, etc. to practice general spelling
  • Sight word musical chairs
  • Sight word Bingo
  • write our words in paint with a paintbrush
  • using magnets to spell words on the refrigerator
  • Plow the Sight Word
  • Spin a Word  
  • Magic Words
  • Go fish-- take two sets of sight words and play just like traditional go fish; just ask for words instead of numbers
  • Don't Break the Ice game (I wrote the words with a wet erase pen so when I toss them in the sink they'll be clean and I can use different words next time) 
  • Sight Word Power Tower-- I write the sight words on Dixie cups and as he reads them he gets to stack them into towers and buildings.  
  • Spray the Sight Word

The boy are encouraged to read anything and everything (see also Reading):
  • Picture books
  • Chapter books
  • Listen to Audio books
  • Comic Books
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Signs
  • Recipes
  • Poetry
  • Fiction and non- fiction
 We go to the library a few times a week and we're always reading something together.  I truly believe the more they're exposed to books and reading the more grammar, spelling and syntax they'll pick up on too. 


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