One of my son's only stipulations to starting out with homeschooling was that we must have art everyday.  While we don't really have art everyday we do try to have at least once a week.

I find lots of inspiration from various websites.  My boys mostly love to paint but I encourage all forms of creativity.  We've made friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss, gotten into the whole loom band craze, utilize kits, and read up on all sorts of crafts.  We take classes on painting, glass fusion, pottery, and more.

I was always into arts and crafts myself and I know that the best way to develop any kind of skill is just to keep working at it and trying new things, new techniques, and new tools.

Here are a few of my favorites sites and blogs for art projects:

Some sites for learning about art:

I have a bunch of children's arts and crafts book too:
  • Year Round Crafts for Kids
  • Arts and Crafts across the USA (which ties in geography too!)
  • Crafts from your Favorite Children's Sotires by Kathy Ross (ties in English!)
  • Kids Create!
  • More of the Best Holiday Crafts Ever!
  • Better Homes and Gardens BIG Book of Kids Crafts
  • What Shall I paint? By Usborne Books
  • Christmas Fun Activity Book By Clare Beaton
Floral loom band bracelet
We've read books about art too, here are just a few:
  •  Micauber by John Lithgow
  • Katie Meets the Impressionists
  • Getting to Know The World's Greatest Artist series
  • Through Georgia's Eyes
  • Linnea in Monet's Garden
  • Dinner at Magritte's


  1. My son also loves, which has different challenges in a whole range of areas for free (animation, illustration, design, etc.) and a few "camps" which are $15/month. We've taken stop-motion animation and now special effects (my son loves to make/edit movies and animation). Great site and a lot of fun!

    1. We had stumbled upon that at one time but I had forgotten all about it-- thank you for the reminder and the suggestion! We'll be adding it to our list and trying to use it more.


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