Dollar Store Candy Cane Wreath

Today I am linking up with some fellow bloggers for a Dollar Store craft challenge.  I don't often participate in these challenges since I try to stay away from our local Dollar Stores; I find they can be quite dangerous for me!  I knew this was the perfect time to find some inexpensive holiday decorations though and I just LOVE how my wreath turned out! 

I hope you stop by and see what the other hosts are sharing.

Meet this month's co-hosts!

I bought the candy cane wreath base and a few rolls of mesh (not knowing how many I'd need I bought waaay to many; I only ended up using one white roll and one red roll.

Using some chenille stems I already had on hand I attached the mesh to the wreath base trying to alternate the white and red to simulate candy cane stripes.

Then I untangled my lights, put batteries in them.. and discovered that they were BLUE!  While I thought they were cute I really did not like the blue lights mixed in with the white and red.

Luckily I found a small set of snowflake LED lights I must have picked up late last winter in my stash of Christmas stuff and when I put batteries in they were white!

I wrapped the lights in and around the wreath using the same chenille stems to hold them in place.

I then cut the ribbon I had bought at the Dollar Store and three others from my ribbon stash into 7" lengths. I cut a small v out of the wide ribbons and left the skinny ribbons "as is."

Layering all 4 ribbons together in various stacks (making sure to mix up which order I placed them in) I attached one set of ribbons to each of the chenille stems.

When I had an arrangement I liked I trimmed all the chenille stems off and made sure I couldn't see the wire wreath base anywhere.

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