10 Favorite Gifts to Give

This month's 10 on the 10th list is all about our favorite gifts to give.  While I am hard at work writing up my Christmas list this list could not come at a more perfect time!

1.  Something I've Crafted-- I love making gifts for family members and I really enjoy experimenting with different crafts each year.  I've made homemade lotions and sugar scrubs, pillows and blankets, vinyl embellished everything and lots and lots of ornaments.

2.  An experience-- Rather than buying just another toy that will be forgotten about in no time we try to buy experiences for our boys (and this year other family members too!). We have bought family passes to the obstacle courses, the zoo, one year we used our Disney trip as a surprise Christmas gift.  I'd rather make memories with my boys and we have always found creative ways to wrap these gifts that get them so excited!

3.  A themed gift basket-- I love pulling together gift baskets and often add a unique handmade item or two to go with it.  For example when putting together a coffee basket I include a few flavors of coffee, some syrups, maybe a photo or personalized mug and usually some chocolate stirring spoons that I make and wrap.  When I used to put together book and PJ gift baskets for my younger nieces and nephews I'd include a small box of homemade cookies or a gall ornament filled with hot cocoa and mini marshmallows.

4.  Books--  I just love to read so when I know that someone I am giving a gift to enjoys reading too or I find a book about a subject I just know they'll enjoy I don't hesitate to buy it for them.  I firmly believe you can never have too many books.

5.  Photo/ personalized gifts-- I often make up calendars with photos of the boys for all the grandparents and include a new photo of each of the boys and possibly even a family photo.  I have made scrapbooks for various wedding and baby showers too; in fact I've become so known for them that I actually feel guilty if I even think of buying a gift!  I've had more than one mom tell me she was hoping I'd make her one of my famous scrapbooks.  I always craft my scrapbooks to go with the wedding theme/colors, the nursery colors or shower theme, etc.  That personalized touch makes it all the better.

6.  Gift Cards-- This is my all time fall back gift idea.  When the kids have a birthday party to go to and we aren't sure what the birthday boy/girl owns and has-- gift card!  When buying for older adults who seem to have everything they need-- gift cards!  Family and friends that we have to ship gifts to?-- Gift cards!

7.  Something from the Kitchen-- I love giving out tins of cookies for Christmas.  I've been known to make full meals as a "welcome new baby gift" and have made spice rubs and jarred mixes.  I think one of our favorite little side gift ideas was the year we made Rudolph cocoa sacks for all the nieces and nephews.

8.  Practical gifts-- I honestly do enjoy gifting things I know people will use-- like the year we bought my parents a cool new coffee pot they really wanted.

9.  Puzzles and Games-- We are a big game playing family and I just love buying some of our favorite games to share with other families.

10.  Clothing-- admittedly there aren't many people I can buy clothing for-- my younger nieces and nephews (they must be under 8 or so for this to work!), my sisters, and my mother... as long as I know that person pretty well I can generally pick an item of clothing that I know they'll love!


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