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Hiking at Custer State Park

After a full night of rain and wind we woke to cool temperatures on our last full day in Rapid City and decided to finally check out some hiking trails at Custer State Park.  We hiked the Sylvan lake trail with the Sunday Gulch Trail extension. 

We spent several hours completing the hike and had some pretty amazing views for most of the hike. 

Along the lake the path was flat and smooth.

We crossed these stepping stones to see the dam then headed back across them to start our official hike.

There were all kinds of nooks and crannies and rock formations to hike around and walk through.

We saw this adorable deer that seemed quite content to watch us.

There were some really amazing views on our hike.

Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, South Dakota

On our second full day in Rapid City, South Dakota we decided to go kayaking.  We found a small lake nearby where they rented kayaks. The Sheridan Lake Marina wasn't that crowded this time of year and the owner and workers were so helpful.  They only had 4 so Alec and my husband shared a canoe instead.  
Unfortunately, just about as soon as we left the boat yard the wind really picked up and it made kayaking quite difficult.  We didn't last much more than an hour or so kayaking and decided to head back to the house for lunch and to come up with a plan for the afternoon.
The boys mentioned that they'd like to check out the Reptile Gardens that we had passed a few times to that's what we did. 

The parking lot was bustling with traffic and while we weren't really sure what to expect we were excited to go in and check it out. 

The gardens were amazing!  I could not get over how many beautiful blooms they still had everywhere; I would have though they would be past sea…