6th Grade Curriculum

I just can not believe my youngest is going into 6th grade!  Now that we are firmly in the trenches of middle school we rely quite a bit more on traditional schoolwork during our traditional school year.  I have the boys help in planning and we select books together that we think will be a good fit.

Here are our selections for the coming school year:

Spelling/Grammar/ Language Arts/ writing:  He picked out this cursive joke book to continue practicing his cursive.

We'll be using All About Spelling Grades 4 & 5 

He enjoyed Write Shop Junior so much this past year that we'll go onto book F.

We picked out Grammar and Punctuation Grade 6 for review of English grammar.  

Math: We just started using the Key to Series last year with Evan and he really liked them so we'll finish up the Key to Measurement and add in Decimals and possibly even Percents depending on time.

Science: We'll be covering a variety of topics using movies, picture books, field trips, and self- interest with lots of nature hikes and exploration thrown in too. Both of his brothers are focusing on chemistry this year so I'm sure Evan will be joining in with them in observing labs too.

Reading: he'll continue to read any books of his own choosing making sure to read for at minimum of 15 minutes each day. We'll keep listening to a few books on CD and enjoying some family read alouds too. 

Geography:  We'll continue to pick regions to learn about through books and movies.  We'll play games and travel try out new foods from around the world.

History: We'll be focusing a bit more on government and how it works.  We found this movie: Understanding Government that we plan to use in conjunction with reading books, exploring our state house, sitting in on a town meeting or two and watching many more movies.

We'll be rounding out his school year with art classes, listening to music, going on hikes, bike rides, and roller skating with our friends. 

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  1. This is a HUGE help to me. Curriculum is hard when you are new to homeschooling. I actually thought you needed to have just one curriculum with different subjects but met with a local free homeschool coach, and she said not at all. Just like you do, I piece subjects together and it makes it less stressful.

    I ordered several of these from your link today, so thank you!!

    1. You're welcome!! It can be overwhelming at first and I can't tell you how many times we've purchased curriculum or books and either didn't like them or didn't use them. It takes a bit of adjusting here and there to find what works.

  2. I can't believe you are teaching 6th grade already!

    1. I can't either! It seems crazy to think we started when he was in pre-school.

  3. I just put that cursive book in my Amazon cart. My son is only going into second grade, but he is so interested in learning cursive. A lot of schools are taking it out of the curriculum, which I think is such a shame. I use cursive all the time!

    1. My middle son wanted to learn cursive in Kindergarten so we taught him. I know so many schools are pulling it from the curriculum but I want my kids to at least be able to read it and write their names so I still have all three of them practice it at least once a week.

  4. I'm saving this post, as my kiddos will be in 6th grade the year after next. We've been in classical conversations for the last two years and although it's already mid-June, I'm not sure what we will be doing next year!

    1. I found 5th grade was pretty hard to pick books for because it's that weird in between stage between traditional elementary school and middle school. I found most math books didn't really do anything new and there was so much review.

  5. I am sharing this on my Pinterest board. I am sure many homeschool coaches will benefit from this.

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. As a retired Literacy Specialist, I'm always interested to see what people use for home-schooling. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJs!


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