Scrapbooking Pages I Made in May

I have been loving my new scrapbooking space!

Having all these new pages, papers, embellishments and accessories has gotten me very excited about scrapbooking again and I created quite a few pages this month.  I finally finished off all the photos from 2017 and have set aside photos to begin scrapping for 2018.

At the rate I've been going I'll have the boys scrapbooks all caught up by the time we leave on our next family vacation in the fall.

I put together a few Halloween pages:

and finished up our Tampa, Florida trip.

I just love this two page spread for the beach.

And I finished off our year with one last Christmas page.


  1. What fabulous pages! Isn't it fun to have your own crafting space? I use to do this type of scrapbooking, now I do the digital kind.

    1. I love it! Every time I think of going digital I'm gifted more supplies that spur me on.

  2. These are wonderful with your memories and the pretty details you designed for each page.
    Have a great week,

  3. I always love these posts! Makes me want to get back into scrapbooking so bad! I just don't have the time anymore! Your kiddos are going to love looking back on all of these one day.

    1. I sure hope they enjoy looking back. I have so much fun making them but I am not really doing it for myself.

  4. These are gorgeous! I've been a scrapbooker for years and years and now do mostly digital (even hiring out to do digital scrapbooking for people now). So I really appreciate the time and effort all these pages take. Beautiful job. It's such a gift to give yourself and your family something that actually INCREASES in value over time!! :)

  5. These are great ideas and so creative. Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at Creative Mondays a few week's ago. Have a lovely Sunday and I hope you can join us tomorrow :)


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