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May Pinterest Challenge-- Sour Cream and Onion Chex mix

We are always on the look out for new Chex Mix flavorings  (just check out our Italian Ranch mix, Zesty Ranch,Parmesan Italian Chex mix, or our Best Chex Mix EVER).
I wondered if there was a way I could make some sour cream and onion Chex mix.  I went looking on Pinterest and didn't find a single recipe for it but I did find this pin that promised a delicious sour cream and onion popcorn or snack shaker and thought I could use that.

In case you've missed the past few months of challenges: We made some homemade marshmallows in January Some cheesy chicken chowder in February creamy noodle turkey casserole in March In April I shared some scrapbooking pages from our Busch Gardens trip
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100 Days of Science #71-- Making Homemade Yogurt Pops

With both my husband and myself on Weight Watchers we've cut out so many snacks but found some really delicious yogurt bars that we're all loving... but at 4 pops for just over $4 a box I thought it might be fun to try making our own.  I just knew this would be a perfect lesson to add to our 100 days of science challenge!

We bought a popsicle mold last year and we had mixed results with making a few different kinds.  I thought making some homemade yogurt pops would be a great, yummy, science experiment.  
First we diced up some strawberries making sure we had about a cup of them.

Then put them through our blender with 1/2 cup non-fat plain Greek yogurt, a 1/2 cup of almond milk, 2 ounces of light cream cheese, a splash of vanilla, and just 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar.

We poured the mixture into our molds; getting 7 1/2 pops.  We let them freeze for an hour while we went hiking and then pulled them out of the freezer just long enough to put the sticks inside.  Then we fr…

Cards I Made in May

I started making cards pretty early in May.  I needed a thank you card, a few Mother's day cards, and an anniversary card.

First up was the than you card; a friend of a friend was getting rid of all her scrapbooking supplies (and furniture to house it all!).  I was touched by the generosity and as well as giving her a little think you gift I wanted to make a card that let her know her supplies would be put to good use.

Next up I had three Mother's day cards to make

Lastly, I made a card for my husband for our anniversary.  He has loved my handmade cards since we were in high school and was actually a bit disappointed those years I ended up buying one instead.  I hope he likes this year's card.

Fairy Houses on Display

We had no idea when we decided to visit the botanical gardens that it was, once again, time for their annual fairy garden days.  We are always blown away by the creativity of these intricate houses.  

I only snapped a couple of photos of my favorite ones but they had so many tucked in here and there on the garden paths and even out on the water!  

Have you ever tried making a fairy house?

Friday Favorites: Mother's Day Edition

We had a rather cold and rainy week; it is only the last two days that have been somewhat nice and sunny.  I really hope spring weather is here to stay this time.  I just love seeing everything starting to bloom and it finally warming up enough to wear flip flops outside!

It was rainy and cold on Friday so I decided it was the pefect time to tackle a lot of our science experiments we had been setting aside to enjoy hikes and outdoor activities.  We worked on a delicious Starburst rock cycle lab, made marshmallows sink (and grow!), and had fun making our conversation hearts float (all three of these will get their own post in the coming weeks).

My husband took the boys shopping for Mother's Day and gave me one of my gifts early; a new light for my scrapbooking desk. It sticks right onto the underside of the shelf and the cord has a bunch of holders to keep it out of the way. He figured since it was supposed to be rainy over the weekend I'd get some use out it.  I just LOVE it…