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Friday Favorites: The Week I Went to Loon Mountain

The boys finished up their schoolwork officially this week!!  We are on summer break (even though it's pretty darn cold and cloudy).  My husband and I took off for 3 days on a mini vacation together and had a wonderful time.  The weather was so nice and sunny and warm those 3 days too.  The boys even went swimming and boating while we were gone and had a fabulous time of their own.

Ian headed off to work on Friday but the younger two boys and I met some friends at Green Falls pond for a very pretty hike.  The trail goes around the lake and over the falls.  We did take a trail down behind the falls and walked along the stream below it for just a bit too.

The boys and I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands and picking up "kid" groceries so they'd  be all set while I was away.

Saturday morning my husband and I left for a trip to Loon Mountain.  We checked into our hotel (the RiverWalk at Loon Mountain) in the early afternoon and then headed to the Loon Mount…

Encouraging Hearts and Home-- First Week of June

When I turn the calendar to June, I automatically think of summer vacation, long days in the sun and sand and just total and utter relaxation.  Maybe it's all those years of schooling but, to me, June will always symbolize summer; even if our temperatures don't quite reflect that this year.

Welcome to Encouraging Hearts & Home!

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A few of my favorites included:
This yummy Basil- Parmesan Salmon Air Fryer re…

Weigh In Wednesday-- Weeks 8 & 9

Last year, the day after Mother's day, I decided I really needed to just stop thinking about losing weight and actually do something about it.  I started tracking calories, exercising, and watching what I ate. I did manage to shed a few pounds but felt that the weight loss was happening so slowly that I needed extra help so I joined Weight Watchers this past March.

Fast forward to a year later and I have lost 22+ pounds.  I only find myself wishing I had joined WW sooner since over 14 lbs of that are all thanks to my new eating regimen.

Every other "diet" plan I had ever followed cautioned against eating fruits as they were high in sugar... and I am finding that I just LOVE fruit!!  Most days it completely satisfies my craving for sweets and I feel so much healthier eating a whole rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. It's unusual for me to have a breakfast or lunch that does not include fruit now.

I'm experimenting with all sorts of new recipes la…