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Friday Favorites-- The Week We Went to the Shore and The Zoo

We had a very, very rainy start to our week.  But those few gloriously warm and sunny days in the middle more than made up for it.  We took full advantage of the nice weather and set aside our books for two whole days to spend time outside.  We visited the ocean, the zoo and the botanical gardens!

Ian headed to work again on Friday; I just love seeing what a great work ethic he's developing!

We lost power in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday and that pretty much started my day at 3 am; while I did not love getting up that early I did enjoy getting so much accomplished in the morning.  We cleaned out Evan's room and organized all his Lego sets then went through the drawers of both the younger boys seeing what summer clothes they still needed.  It poured all day long.

Sunday we managed to squeeze in a nice long family kayak ride before dinner (and in between rainstorms).

The younger boys and I went to see the new DisneyNature film Penguins on Monday.

After Alec's kara…

Encouraging Hearts and Home-- Our First Shoreline Trip of the Year

After more day of rain than I'd care to admit to we spent a glorious day at the shore yesterday.  The sun was out and though it felt a bit chilly at times with the wind I was just fine in flip flops, pants and a light sweater.  I even got a minor sunburn! I'll have more photos and details about our day up on the blog soon but here are a few photos...

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