Friday Favorites-- Alec's Birthday Week 2

So while Alec only has one birthday it did take us a couple of weeks to celebrate since we wanted time for a small friend party, a family party, and then Alec and I like to head out just the two of us for a day date.  With two days of rain/ snow and two days of temperatures well below freezing the boys and I didn't do a whole lot this week.  We stayed inside and focused on tackling that schoolwork.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the week;

Alec and I had the best time shopping last Friday.  We ate lunch at Panera bread and his eye lit up at the Ultimate Hot Chocolate!  He poured through books at Barnes and Noble finally picking 5 to bring home and then stopped for refreshments on the way out.

We had a little party with his grandparents that night.

Playing board games together when the weather was snowy and icy over the weekend- we played Explore the 50 States and Qubits.

We started a new family puzzle.

I spent just a tiny bit of time outside on two of the coldest days we've had yet this year playing around with macro shooting.   I just love zooming in on something that so far away and seeing every little detail.

The boys and I put together another quick science experiment this week finding out the amount of water in both snow and ice.

I got the younger two boys to exercise with me on Monday and we tried this exercise DVD.  Evan has since gotten me to work out with him everyday (we found even more of her workouts on YouTube) and together we have each walked over 12 miles!  I've been doing great eating pretty healthy, tracking my calories on my Lose it! ap, and drinking lots of water.

How did you week go?


  1. That hot chocolate looks heavenly! And I love it when birthday celebrations last more than a day. My favorite birthdays are the ones that fall on Friday or Saturday because then a birthday weekend is totally acceptable. Awesome work on the mile count!!

    In terms of my week, I can't believe it's Friday! I had a packed week with my mom's retirement party and my son getting cavities filled. I'm exhausted, and ready for a well-deserved weekend!

    Have a great one!

  2. My eyes would light up for that warm goodness too. Your guy got celebrated so sweetly! Have a great weekend!

    1. We could not get over that hot chocolate! It was huge and so decadent.

  3. That looks like amazing hot chocolate. Love the science fun and great nature shots.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Thanks! I'm really trying to play more with settings on the camera and try getting different shots.

  4. I like doing those walking workout when I'm stuck inside! Happy Birthday to your son!

    1. They are great and feel like they go by pretty quick.

  5. That hot chocolate looks amazing. I could use one myself right now as it is freezing here in Wisconsin. Your boy is so cute! He looks so happy!

    1. We're enjoying a little warm spell-- it's in the low 30's today but after the below freezing temps this week it feels downright tropical.


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