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100 Days of Science #72-- Starburst Rock Cycle

My boys love any edible science experiments and I just knew they were going to have a ball learning about the rock cycle using Starburst candies.

We had never really talked about the rock cycle before but we just dove right in.  I poured out the bag of candies and told them to pick at least three in three different colors (most of them chose to use 4 candies but I didn't mind).

We unwrapped them and set to work making sedimentary rocks by stacking our Starburst candies together and pressing them together lightly with our hands.

Next we wrapped our candies up in some parchment paper and popped them in our toaster oven at 200 degrees for 5-10 minutes.  We checked them frequently to see when they had softened.

Once they were soft enough that our finger prints made an indent we unwrapped them and played with them a bit; mixing the colors together.

The added heat made them very susceptible to pressure and we made some very colorful rock formations.

Mixing up our metamorphic rocks.


The 9 Books I Read in May

I read so many great books this month!  I don't usually read quite so many books when the boys are still "in school" but many of them were so compelling I just could not put them down.

1. Turning Point by Daniel Steel-- 4 trauma specialists from the United States head to Paris for a 4 week training seminar with Parisian trauma specialists.  After a two week hiatus the 4 Parisian doctors come to the United States for a reciprocal event.   Each ones sees the seminars as a turning point in their lives and are forever changed.  New friendships are formed, relationships begin and end, jobs are changed, and personal growth happens all around.  A pretty typical Danielle Steel novel.

2. California Girls by Susan Mallery-- Three sisters Zennie, Finola, and Ali all get dumped the same week.  Zennie isn't into dating anyone and decides to become a surrogate for her best friend not thinking through all that her body will have to endure and the changes she'll have to make t…

Scrapbooking Pages I Made in May

I have been loving my new scrapbooking space!

Having all these new pages, papers, embellishments and accessories has gotten me very excited about scrapbooking again and I created quite a few pages this month.  I finally finished off all the photos from 2017 and have set aside photos to begin scrapping for 2018.

At the rate I've been going I'll have the boys scrapbooks all caught up by the time we leave on our next family vacation in the fall.

I put together a few Halloween pages:

and finished up our Tampa, Florida trip.

I just love this two page spread for the beach.

And I finished off our year with one last Christmas page.

Friday Favorites: The Week We Planted Herbs

We had a really good week.  The boys are just flying through what little schoolwork they have left (in fact Evan will be finished completely tomorrow) and we've been getting out for hikes and walks almost every day.  We even had one day where temps were in the very low 80's and we managed to get out in the kayaks.  I love this quit time as schoolwork is winding down but summer is not yet here.

Ian headed off to work with his father on Friday and ended up spending most of the day working with his grandfather.  The younger boys and I met up with some friends for a homeschool hike.

They spent most of the rainy afternoon playing video games together.

I spent my afternoon filling up a box on Amazon Wardrobe; it's finally time for me to start looking for other (smaller!) clothes.

Saturday morning Ian, once again, headed off to work with his grandfather while the younger two boys and myself helped my husband with a bit of work.  We decided to head to lunch at Texas Roadhouse and…

Encouraging Hearts and Home: Happy Memorial Day

Here in the states we have a nice long weekend coming up for Memorial day.  While we don't do much to celebrate the actual holiday it's always a special weekend for us since my husband and I were married memorial day weekend 18 years ago.

Welcome to Encouraging Hearts & Home!

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A few of my favorites included:
This Italian Chopped Salad by Delightful E Made; doesn't it lo…