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Some More Scrapbooking Pages

I have been hard at work teaching myself some new techniques using my Cricut and working on my scrapbooking pages.  After this batch I'm sharing today I just have 6 left and I'm all caught up to this year!

Partly I am able to work so fast since I inherited so many kits and partly I am just really motivated to keep going because I am loving all these new pages!!

I taught myself to make a shadow around the words watching a few YouTube videos and downloading some new software.  It took me a long time to get it to work the way I wanted it to but I just loved the results!

My New Favorite Summer Salads

One of my all time favorite "meals" in the summer is a nice fresh salad and I have really branched out to try lots of new varieties this year.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorites today.

Most of the salads start with either a traditional tossed salad base with lots of fresh vegetables or a bowl of these baby crispy green leaf lettuce; they are so crunchy and add a great texture to my salads.

I've also started using Skinny Girl Poppyseed dressing on just about everything since on Weight Watchers it's zero points per serving and it's a nice light summary taste that I just love but you could substitute just about any vinaigrette or Italian dressing too and I'm sure they'd still be delicious.

You'll notice each salad pairs fresh greens with fruit, a lean protein, and either croutons or nuts for a little added crunch.  So far I have not hit upon a bad combination!

Pineapple Shrimp salad:

For this salad I quickly topped a bowl of crispy greens w…

Friday Favorites-- The Week We Had Two Parties

We had another great week and super hot/ sunny temps for most of it.  I don't mind the sun and heat but once the mugginess settled in we were all pretty miserable and spent the whole day inside.

Saturday we had two parties to go to; a birthday party for one of the younger boys' friends and a 40th birthday party for a family member.  We had such a great time at both! At the first party the boys spent the whole time on the water slide, in the pool, and gabbing with friends.  At the second my husband, Ian and I played many games of corn hole and Alec practiced his diving skills pretty much non-stop.

I wore my new favorite outfit... I am seriously debating about ordering this shirt in other colors. It is so comfy and keeps me nice and cool in the hot sun!

We kayaked/swam over to the other side of the lake to pick fresh blueberries on Sunday; sadly most of them were still green and we didn't get many blueberries at all.

Alec decided to make some homemade English muffins Monda…

Encouraging Hearts and Home- Home Improvement Edition

It's funny but even though we spend so much time outside this time of year it is also the time of year I think about tackling the interior of the house and changing things up.  I guess truth be told I am often thinking of updating areas around the house but all that added daylight gives me the energy and ambition to do something about it.

My favorites this week are inspired by some home improvement posts that were shared at last week's party.  Do you find inspiration from linky parties too?

Welcome to Encouraging Hearts & Home!

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