100 Days of Science #47 & 48-- Making Model Molecules Two Ways

We are currently studying chemistry and the periodic table of elements and we wanted some fun hands on lessons to go along with what we're reading.  So we spent a morning building models of various molecules and just playing around having fun with the concepts of covalent and ionic bonding.

I remembered we had this kit that we bought a few years ago and pulled that out along with some toothpicks, mini and regular sized marshmallows, along with some food safe markers.

First I just let the kids play around with our kit and supplies making up their own molecules.  Once they made up a molecule they had to tell me what they used to make it (each color represents a different element on the periodic table).

Then we worked either with the kit or with the marshmallows to make a few specific models.

First we started with H2O (water)

Then we made NH3 (amonia)

Then CH4 (methane)

And finally CH3OH (methanol)

I left the kit out along with the instruction sheet that showed even more molecules to make and let them explore on their own.

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  1. Marshmallows!! Brilliant, I loathes model molecules!!

    1. They were quite happy to gobble them all up when we were done too!


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