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It's the first Monday of the month which means it's time to link up with the Blended Blog for a quick Q&A.  This month we're talking all about getting cozy!  

1. Slippers: YES or NO? Oh yes!  I never used to at all but my boys picked some super soft and comfy ones out for me years ago and I just LOVE them... though they were getting quite frayed and I just bought myself these.

2. What is your favorite Blanket? I have a few blankets that were made and quilted for me by my great grandmother and they are my favorites but no one (not even me!) is allowed to actually USE them.  For snuggling I like something nice and furry and thick like these blankets from Vera Bradley.  

3. Thin or Thick Pillow?  I actually sleep with two pillows; one thin and one thick.. since I often change my mind about which is more comfortable. 

4. Favorite Warm Beverage? The only warm beverage I'll drink is hot cocoa and my favorite is the raspberry hot cocoa from Land o Lakes... though I also enjoy their dark chocolate and mint varieties too. 

5. Robe: YES or NO? Nope, never. Not even when I was in the hospital giving birth.  

6. Favorite Comfort Snack Food(s)? That totally depends on my mood!  Usually something chocolatey but I also enjoy salty/ crunchy chips too.  Lately I've been enjoying these apple cider yogurt pretzels.. I wasn't sure at first but I've grown to love them. 

7. Movies or TV Series Binge? This changes so much but lately I'd have to say This Is Us... I can not wait for the new season to start!  

Image result for this is us

8. Actual PJ’s or Leggings? I have a few pairs of actual Pj's that I wear (these pants and shirts from Target) but mostly I wear my yoga pants and a t-shirt or sweatshirt.  

9. Do you cozy up on the couch or a chair? Couch, but that's mostly because we don't have a chair in our living room just a couch and loveseat.. and even that barely seats all 5 of us.. 

10. Hoodie, T-shirt or Sweater?  Um.. all of the above! Though I do prefer a hoodie for relaxing and getting cozy.  I buy one each and every time we go on vacation so I have quite a collection.  

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  1. Yay cozy cutie! That’s awesome, you get a hoodie on all your trips! Enjoy your day! xo

    1. I'm not sure how it became a tradition but even when we were in Fla. last year roasting in the heat I ended up buying a hoodie.

  2. I'm not a hot drinker, either, but I can never pass up hot chocolate! I love Vera Bradley blankets, too! Stay warm!

    1. So far that's no problem! It was in the mid 80's today with high humidity but I just know that cold New England weather is on it's way.

  3. Ah! I can't wait for This Is Us to come back!

    1. Oh I can not wait either; those sneak peeks of what's to come at the wedding nearly did me in... I finally felt like I knew a lot of what had transpired and loose ends were tying up nicely when they threw those curve balls in there!

  4. Love the raspberry and the mint cocoa

  5. So many of our answers were the same! I haven't watched This Is Us and I feel like I'm the only one!

    1. I felt that way too. I found it on Hulu a month or so ago and decided to give it a try... within two episodes I was hooked! It is soo good!


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