Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week With All the Peaches

We had a great week and even though we spent much of it at home we tried to do something fun each day.  We heard that peaches were finally ripe so we went peach picking and have been trying out some yummy new peach recipes!

We had a thunderstorm rumble through our area last Thursday night after I published the weekly wrap- up last week and just had to share a few photos of the storm clouds and the rainbow that appeared after it was over.  The rainbow was in a perfect arch and we could see the beginnings of a second rainbow.  The colors were so vibrant (and yet look so faded with my camera)!

On Friday the boys and I worked on some schoolwork and spent a good portion of our morning playing cards.  Alec listened to more of his book on CD and colored in his new coloring book.  The boys went swimming and out on the boat and tubing.  I finished up my latest book and managed to get most of the laundry done.

It poured on Saturday, in fact two different town each about a 15-20 minute ride away had tornadoes touch down.  It was crazy!  We rarely get tornadoes in New England!  Ian headed off to work with his grandfather in the morning and ended up spending the whole day with him going to the movies (seeing MI: Fallout), out to dinner, and shopping.  The younger boys spent most of the morning playing video games but once the rain died down a bit they put on their bathing suits and went to play in the rain.  The younger boys, myself and my husband sat down for a family game of Clue in the afternoon before my husband and I headed out for a date night.  We went to dinner and a movie also going to see MI:Fallout.

Since Ian and his grandfather didn't get much done on Saturday due to the rain they headed out early on Sunday to work.  The younger boys played outside for a bit and after lunch (when Ian was back home) my husband offered to take them tubing.  Alec stayed home to listen to his book on CD and do some more coloring which was probably a wise choice.  As my husband was turning the boat to go pick up Ian and Evan (who had fallen off the tubes) we hit a huge wave head on and it came crashing down as a wall of water on the entire boat.  I was soaked, my husband was soaked, even my camera was soaked!

Laughing at how wet WE were!

Monday was busy with grocery shopping, weekly food prep, and I dragged the kids out to go peach picking too.  We cleaned a bit of the house and then my sister came to visit for the whole afternoon with her boys.  The kids spent the afternoon in the lake and playing ping pong in the basement while my sister and I got to talk and catch up.

After Alec's karate class on Tuesday and running a few errands we settled in to a lazy afternoon at home.  Alec and I ended up making some fresh peach ice cream and then Evan and I made some Italian Parmesan Chex mix.  Once Evan discovered we picked up a new Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol book he dove for the library bin and read 1/2 the book in one day.  For him- this is HUGE!  Alec curled up on the couch to color and Ian worked a bit more on his mini metal model truck.  Both Ian and Evan swam in the lake for a bit and went on jet ski rides with my mother in law.

Those tiny little flecks are pieces of pureed peach

Ian headed off to work Wednesday morning to screen loam and the younger boys and I decided to try a two cup our painted canvas.  We had great fun mixing up the paints and trying new color schemes.  Evan's painting ended up being a three cup pour but he just loved how it turned out.  Once we had finished and cleaned up the younger boys settled in for some math and reading.  Alec made a cake for his grandmother's birthday that we'll be turning into a trifle later in the week. They took off for a bike ride after lunch and made it back just as it began to pour.  We played many rounds of Go Fish and watched a quick video clip about Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.  After dinner the older boys helped run the mowers and weed wacker to get our lawn under control.

We woke to thunderstorms and pouring rain on Thursday but luckily the skies cleared up and we were still able to head to the pond to meet up with some friends.  Before heading out we did a quick cleaning of the downstairs and threw together a really yummy looking coffee toffee trifle cake for my mother in laws birthday party we were hosting that evening.

Evan just loved this French fry float that one of the boys brought 

Weekly Weigh in-- I am down to a whole new low weight as of Thursday morning-- only by a few tenths of a lb but it's still a new low number!  I have been doing lousy exercising though with this heat and humidity but hope to get back to working out each day for a minimum of 40 minutes.

How was your week?

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  1. Well you're a sweet peach if I ever did see one!! LOVE the fries float, May the weekend treat you with continued fun and smiles!

    1. Thank you pretty lady! I love that French fry float too. They have so many cute options nowadays.

  2. That French fry floatie is so fun! My son would love that. Also, I love a good summer storm. Happy Friday!

    1. I love a good summer storm too; as long as there are no tornadoes in the area with them. :)

  3. Sounds like a solid week of learning, laughing and living life well! The ice cream looks delish!

    1. It was pretty good! I am not usually a fan of fruits in my ice cream but I did enjoy the peachy flavor.

  4. Looks like a fun week! We've been getting so much rain here in NC too.

    1. SO much rain! It's been a washout of a weekend too and there's something like an 80% chance of rain for the next 10 days too.

  5. I love your pour paintings and all of the water pictures. What a blessing to live so close to water you can enjoy.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. We really are blessed to live right next to the water.


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