Cute Cricut Clothing Ideas for the Superhero Fan

I had so  much fun making some back to school clothes for my niece's birthday that I decided to make some cute shorts and tops for my nephews birthday too.  

He's a huge superhero fan and I just knew I had to make at least one Batman outfit for him.  I decided to decorate the front of the t-shirt with the Batman symbol and the front of the shorts with a mini cityscape projecting the Batman symbol as well. 

On the backside I used my glitter vinyl to fill up the back with this adorable Batman saying.

For the next outfit I had a green shirt and a pair of tan shorts.  I had been planning on making something Hulk themed but my boys assured me any Batman fan would also enjoy a shirt with the Joker.  Most of the images I found for the Joker were a bit scary and geared towards adults so I finally settled on this Lego Joker head and I just LOVE how it turned out paired with the words Joker on the shirt pocket. 

For the last outfit we left Batman behind and came up with a fun Superman T.  I paired this shirt with some blue shorts and adorned the front with the Superman logo.  On the back I typed up another cute saying using some matching blue vinyl.

I really hope he likes them and hasn't outgrown this size by the time he gets to wear them; he's two (almost 3) and growing like a weed!

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