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My June Books

I managed to read 7 books this month!  While I typically prefer summer romance or beach type novels this month I found myself drawn to a lot of suspense novels and really enjoyed quite a few of them.

1. I've Got My Eyes On You-- When her 18 year old sister Kerry turns up dead, Aline works with the police to try and help solve the murder not realizing she's putting her own life in danger.  This was a great page turner.

Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week With All the Art

We had another great week!  We spent time with friends, went hiking, and even squeezed in a field trip.  Mostly our week was filled with art.  Alec has been coloring up a storm while listening to books on CD in his room and we tried out a few new projects together.

We had plans to meet up with some friends and go hiking in the morning on Friday but I did have enough time to make some homemade strawberry jam and a few bacon, broccoli, and cheese quiches for dinner before we headed out.  We ended up hiking for an hour and a half.  It was beautiful out and it felt so good to be up and moving.  After hiking we dropped Ian off at work and the younger boys and I tackled an art project that Evan has been asking to do again.  Alec also listened to his book on Cd and colored in his room while waiting for the paint to dry between coats.

Ian went to work on Saturday morning and the younger boys and I spent the day inside since it was pretty cool and cloudy and threatening rain.  I managed to ge…