Our Weekly Summary- The Week We Built Bobsleds and Boats

We had a lot of fun this week and spent time outside just about every day.  It is so nice to have warmish sunny days to enjoy again.  We're all getting quite anxious for spring!  We even enjoyed a nice two hour walk.  We went out to lunch three times this week; which is such a rarity for us.  The boys enjoyed it tremendously and it was nice to relax a bit.

The boys and I headed out to a friend's house on Friday afternoon.  We had planned on watching Cool Runnings and challenged each of the kids to make their own Lego bobsled and race them down a track.  Ian was the only one of my boys who actually made a bobsled and he made his own special Lego track too.  He did an amazing job and his bobsled zipped right down the track.

The boys headed to work with their father over the weekend bringing some scrap metal to the scrapyard.  After they were done they picked me up to go out to lunch and begin refrigerator shopping... which may have turned into a little bit of stove shopping too.  We had my mom and step- father over for dinner that night and had a great time visiting.  My mom bought me the cutest little flip flop serving tray that I just can not wait to use this summer!  I have a thing for flip flops and blue is my favorite color so this was the perfect gift for me.

My husband and Ian headed to the woodworking shop a few times this week to work on Ian's new table and our cabinets.  Ian's table is just about done and he's quite proud of how well it turned out.

He's been hard at work putting together some models.  He finished up the mini metal model; his road grader and talked me into taking him shopping to Hobby Lobby so he could pick up a new plastic model truck.  After a bit of trouble finding some paint he finally got started on the first coat of color.  He's not happy with how streaky it is so we're looking into buying a spray gun tip for his model paint jars.

While taking Ian to Hobby Lobby I decided to treat all of the boys to a nice afternoon out.  We stopped for a delicious lunch at The Olive Garden and then I brought the boys with me to the Christmas Tree Shops.  I have not been there in years and we had the best time shopping!  I was complimented on the boys' behavior so much and the two wonderful ladies we had at the checkout counter had a great time talking with them.  It was late afternoon by the time we arrived home but we all decided to walk/ bike to the mail and then stayed outside playing wiffle ball for almost an hour.

One afternoon when lunch was finished,  I challenged the boys to make their own boat using recyclable materials for our homeschool meet up the next day.  They had a fun time piecing together what they envisioned and when they were done they went to play outside all afternoon.

We had fun meeting up with a group of homeschoolers to go hiking and have a boat race.  Unfortunately the pond we would have used for the boat race was mostly dried up (weird since the ground is unusually wet and muddy this year with the wet winter we've been having).  We went hiking for a few hours and had a great time catching up with friends and family members we haven't seen in quite some time.

Evan had gone to see Black Panther with his father over the weekend and then treated himself to a couple of new Black Panther Lego sets with the money he had earned running scrap.  I didn't mind since he made sure to put some money in the bank too; in fact all three boys made deposits and I was once again complimented on their manners and behavior.

Alec spent lots of time in his room this week listening to his book on Cd.  He tends to use that time coloring is in color by number book.  He's been carting markers and his book in the car too and managed to get quite a few pages completed this week.

We  met my husband in town for lunch one day and then headed to the post office to submit our passport applications.  It has been a long process and I could not wait to put it all behind us.  It took us two trips to the post office in the same day but we finally had all of our paperwork submitted!

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  1. LOVE the !ego bobsled! And beautiful colored pages, the squirrel is my favorite. The passport process is an ordeal, glad for you it’s all done! Have a great weekend beautiful.

    1. It was quite the ordeal; in fact our paper work had to be re-filled out when we got there because they printed out double sided and they had to be single sided... but I was so glad to have it all done!

  2. Love the bobsled run. What a fun creative week.

  3. I love those colour by numbers. What patience your son has. We are also so desperate for spring. The snow here is getting ridiculous! Thanks for sharing your week and for linking up with us #FabFridayPost

    1. They are quite intricate and at this point he has pretty much used every book they make! We have been getting a lot of rain with high winds this winter... in fact I'm at our local library right now since we are going on day 2 without power.

  4. What a great week. I love the flip flop tray. The Lego creations are marvelous. We all have our passports now and look forward to using them. There are no plans in the works yet.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. We don't have any plans to use ours yet either but were thinking most likely somewhere in Canada.

  5. Aww, the Lego bobsleigh looks great. Looks like lots of fun learning going on :) Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop, hope to see you tomorrow for Creative Mondays.

    1. I was quite impressed. I don't have that ability to see things three dimensionally so I am always amazed that he can take these small bricks and just build whatever he wants. My lego creations as a kid was always a nice square house with square holes for windows.

  6. You can’t beat a nice walk with in the fresh air and you are never too old to play with lego #fabftidaypost


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