Blogging Through the Alphabet-- B is for Brian Selznick

When we first began homeschooling my sister recommended we read the book Wonderstruck together as our family read aloud.

It was a HUGE book and at first I thought there was no way my boys would ever sit still to listen to the story.  But we picked it up off the shelf at our local library and immediately noticed that half of the story was told in picture format-- beautifully illustrated pictures that just drew us right in.

While we fell in love with the illustrations of Brian Selznick first we soon fell in love with his story!

In no time we were all hooked on the book and could not put it down.  We LOVED the mystery and intrigue and trying to figure out how and when these two stories were going to collide.

We finished the story with both a sense of completion and a bit of sadness knowing it was over.

We tried to read a few other books and finally decided to just look up the author's name and see what else he had written.

We then spent a few months reading through the rest of his books.

When we finished listening to The Invention of Hugo Cabret we watched the movie Hugo and compared the two.

We also discovered some of his picture books at our library and quickly devoured The Houdini Box  as well.  

Others in the series:


  1. I haven't heard of this... author? Neat post, thanks for joining us!

    1. I should have made that more clear-- he is both author and illustrator. :)

  2. Okay - another to add to my list. I have heard of these but they have not yet appealed. I will have to look at them at the library this week. Thanks for sharing. - Lori

  3. He sounds like a captivating author. We’ve seen the movie Hugo and really liked it. How did the Book compare?

    1. We actually liked the books a whole lot better than the movie.

  4. These look really interesting. I need to get a list going with all the ideas I have been seeing! Thank you for linking up with us!

    1. We really loved Wonderstruck; I'd recommend starting with that one.


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