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Not Back to School Field Trip to the Ecotarium

The children in our town all headed back to school yesterday and, in what has become a homeschooling tradition for us, we spent the day on a field trip.  Typically we head to the beach, the zoo, or the aquarium.

Yesterday we headed to the Ecotarium in hopes of getting a glimpse at their new baby otter.  Unfortunately, the otters were not cooperating and we never got to see them.  Luckily, there were lots of new exhibits and a few of our old favorites to check out. 

We saw lots of live animals.  

 We also saw two other varieties of turtles, lots of frogs, a red tailed hawk and a sugar glider.

The boys learned about city life in their new exhibit.  We learned about sewers and water treatment, noise and noise pollution, building bridges, and mapping too.

 With the summer sunshine still going strong, the Ecotarium had their bubble centers set up and it seems like no matter how many times we play with them bubbles are just fascinating!

Why I Will Always Let My Boys Read "Fluff"

There seem to be two schools of parenting or teaching when it comes to encouraging kids to read:   One camp wants to see kids reading quality literature and frown upon " fluff " (books of little substance or consequence that are superficially entertaining) while the other camp is just happy to see their kids reading.

In case you couldn't tell by the title of this post, I'm one of those moms that is just happy to see her kids reading.

Out of my three boys I only have one that LOVES to read and the other two tend to shy away from it. I usually have to cajole them into reading for just 15 minutes.

Having struggled to raise two reluctant readers I have found so much value in allowing them to read fluff that I'm not even sure I can see the validity in the argument that kids should read quality literature! (Kidding!)

Any books that make my non- readers happy to read is just fine by me!  I have always let my boys choose their own books and we count whatever they are …

Love to Learn Linky #32

Our last link up of the summer!  When I next "see" you it will be September.

In New England September signals the start of school for everyone, thoughts turn to apples, pumpkins and fall.  The air is already turning just a bit cooler though I continue to hope for a few last days of summer to enjoy with my boys.

I can't deny that I do love fall though and look forward to sweaters, crisp cool mornings and the beauty of the changing leaves.

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When You Have A Child That Refuses to Grow Up

I have three boys and their personalities are so very different.  From day one each asserted himself in a unique way and I have always tried to treat them as individuals.  That said, it's not always easy to stop comparing them.

Lately I have been realizing that I am trying to force my youngest son to be a bit more like his brothers.  He is reluctant to grow up.  Holding onto childhood likes and interests, resisting learning any new self- help skills, etc. and I have been struggling to accept that.

My oldest two boys were always pushing the envelope to try new things.  They were in a hurry to grow up!

Often the asked to take on new skills before I thought they were ready.

My oldest was driving heavy equipment around by the time he was 8!

My middle son potty trained himself in just a few days at the age of 3 because he so badly wanted to go to preschool with his older brother.  He never had one single accident!  (We let him start school the month he turned 4 because he was so in…