Our New Living Room!

Back at the end of January, we decided to repaint our family room.  We've had a pale tan color on the walls since we moved in 15 or so years ago and I had been wanting to repaint it for quite some time.  But one small thing led to another and we ended up adding a few more changes to the room.

Having a huge two story room I knew I was going to need more than just a ladder to reach and since I am not a fan of heights I needed help.

My husband finally brought home a small man- lift that he had at work and offered to help paint all the high places.  The boys wanted to help too and we pushed all the furniture out of our room to make way for the lift.

We spent a day taking down all the pictures, removing screws and nails and patching holes.  We sanded them flat and began taping all of the trim work.

The boys all set to work taking turns on the lift painting all the high spots while I went around and did all the lower sections of the wall.

Everything got two coats! 

 We loved the new wall color but did not like that the fireplace wall didn't seem to stand out anymore.  We had always had the center of the fireplace wall a different shade from the rest of the room and we felt like it was missing something.

We found some brown paint in the basement that went beautifully with the green and started to paint... but that looked to dark to me compared with our furniture, curtains, and rug.

 We took a trip to the paint store and picked up a small can of green in a shade darker than the wall and hoped we'd love it.

And we did!  We got the entire room painted in two days!

But what had started as a quick painting job soon changed... I wanted new curtains since our old curtains were a pale green and blended into the wall color.

We had taken out our mantle to see if there were wire behind it for when we ever end up replacing our old tube TV with a flat screen... and with the mantle off I started talking about building a new one that was bigger and surrounded the WHOLE fire place.

My husband began drawing and woodworking and built us a whole new mantle!  It took a bit of work, a lot of sanding and a few coats of paint, stain and urethane but it's finally done and we just love it!

I just love our "new" room and I'm having a lot of fun playing around with furniture placement and mantle decorations!

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  1. Love the green - so beautiful. Such a warm and inviting room!

  2. Your livingroom looks lovely! Paint is my favourite change up & so I paint something in our house every year to keep it fresh & appealing. I also paint the insides of the closets & pantry shocking colours that I love & that are beautiful (like apple green or strong turquoise) but that would be hard to live with in a whole room; ever time I open a closet, I smile.
    I came to visit from Happiness is Homemade bloghop; I hope you'll have time one day to visit the 4Shoes & let me know that you've been by.

    1. I do too! Normally whenever my husband leaves on a business trip he comes home to one "new" room. This time I needed his help. :)

  3. What a lovely room - I love the height of the ceiling and the green is a really good choice of colour - warms it up a bit but doesn't dominate the room.
    Leanne | cresting the hill

    1. Thank you; I do love how warm and calming it is.

  4. Lovely! Green is my favourite colour and is what we use for the majority of our house! You all did a great job :)

    1. We realized after we painted it that most of our rooms are either blue or green! Those are my two favorite colors....

  5. What a huge job in that room! It looks so nice though... and what a blessing to do it as a family. :)

    1. It took us a full two days! It was nice that everyone helped out and the boys learned some new skills.

  6. Green looks great. Nice a calming.

    1. Thank you! It makes me smile each time I look at it.

  7. I love the color you chose! Thank you for sharing your post at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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