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Weekly Wrap- Up: Our "Spring" Vacation Week

Evan finished off his math book last Friday and Ian was taking an end of unit test in his math book when I told the boys that we'd be taking this whole week off from school.  Each of them took turns saying "except for spelling" "except for reading" "except for math"... and I said no excepts; the whole week!  No work.  We need a break and this is a good time to take one.  We tried to plan something fun to break up each day but expected to spend a lot of time around the house just relaxing.

On Friday, they each took their spelling tests and got a 100.  Ian did decide to just do two of the three pages in his unit test on Friday and asked me to set out the last page for him to do on Monday so I guess he'll be doing a bit of work on our week off but I hope that's all.   Alec whipped through two more pages in his math book and all three boys did a bit of reading.  Evan finished up Cheetahs while Alec read a couple more chapters in the Crystal Keepe…

Dirt Cake Cupcakes

After watching another few episodes of Cupcake Wars again over the weekend, Alec really wanted to try his hand at making cupcakes with a filling.

He decided to try making Dirt Cake Cupcakes;  A vanilla cupcake with a pudding/cookie/cool whip filling topped with cream cheese frosting, Oreo cookie crumbs, and a gummy worm.

Use your favorite vanilla cupcake recipe.  I'd share the one we used but we were not all that happy with them.  They were kind of wet and spongy in texture; not light and flaky like tend to enjoy but I reminded Alec that it's all part of trying out new recipes!

We let them cool at room temperature for a few hours after baking then we used our new cupcake corer to take out the middles of each of the cupcakes.

We mixed up 1 cup milk and two small boxes of vanilla instant pudding in our stand mixer.  We folded in 1/2 a container of cool whip and about 1 cup of crushed Oreo cookies.

We put the pudding into a gallon size Ziploc bag and used it to fill the middle …

Homeschooling Through the Alphabet: K is for Kitchen

While this may not be a traditional word one thinks of when talking about homeschooling, I knew that for our family K had to be Kitchen.

The kitchen is the most important room in our home. One might say it is even the heart of our home. 

 It's where we always come together.
We sit at our kitchen table for most of our schoolwork.
We play family games several nights a week gathered round the kitchen table.  
My boys are learning their way around the kitchen, cooking meals, trying out recipes and putting their skills to the test. 
We eat family dinners around the kitchen table 7 nights a week most weeks.   We talk, share food and form bonds.

We often gather together with extended family around our kitchen table for parties and holidays too.  
So many of our family and schooling memories are centered around our kitchen and homeschooling would just not be the same without it.

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