Chocolate Trifle Cups Perfect for Valentine's Day

My family just loves a good trifle and the possibilities are just endless!

Rooting around in our cabinets the other day I found I had many of the makings for a perfect Trifle but I did not have enough cake to make a large trifle.  See when baking birthday cakes, I always level off my cakes before decorating and not knowing what to do with the 1/4 or so inch of cake that usually gets cut off the top I tend to freeze it.  I had enough cake to make a few mini trifles so I broke out my Pampered Chef 1 Cup Prep bowl set (the only small containers with lids I have) and set to work making mini cups for everyone!

I thawed out the leftover chocolate cake
Heated up the caramel sauce in the microwave
Mixed up the chocolate pudding according to the package directions
Thawed out the Cool Whip and then set to work

I put a bit of cake in the bottom of each dish.

Topped the cake with a good dollop of caramel sauce.

Added a scoop of pudding over the caramel.

Next, I added a small scoop of Cool Whip; making sure to flatten it out nice and smooth.

Then I started all the layers over again making sure to end with a good covering of Cool Whip.  I had a package of Reece's peanut butter hearts and decided to top each cake with a heart.

Perfect for valentine's day and those layers just look so YUMMY!, even If I do say so myself.

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  1. This does look easy and so cute! I will have to do this for my kids for Valentine's day!

    1. I think I'll have to make up a large sized one for Valentine's day-- perhaps with the addition of a bit of hot chocolate sauce too!

  2. What a great dessert idea! I love the idea of freezing the part of a cake you've leveled off. I've never even thought of doing that.

    1. Oh, thank you, I was never quite sure what to do with it but it seemed like such a waste to keep throwing it away so I figured why not freeze it until I thought of something to do with it.

  3. I think that is a great idea to save the scraped off cake. The trifle looks delicious.

  4. Yummy...What's not to love....cake, caramel, chocolate, cool whip....Thanks for sharing!!!

    Many Blessings in the new year!

  5. Oh wow, these look so yummy. I would love to try these :) Thanks for sharing over at Creative Mondays last week. You are one of my featured blogs this week :) off to pin now.

  6. Your family must have been so happy with your Valentines treat! I think the individual servings are perfect - it's easier to not overindulge, and tiny desserts are just always cute! :)


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