Weekly Wrap-Up: The Week We Went to the Aquarium

We had a fun week when all was said and done.  There were a few ups and downs with a couple of the boys feeling under the weather for a day or so here and there and the relentless fighting/bickering that seems to strike every year around this time.  We did manage to squeeze in a few field trips and visited the zoo as well as the aquarium.  We did some book work but mostly set them aside and focused on life learning, relaxing, and resting (you know when we weren't off on a field trip!).

Science:  Evan and I played Chomp! practicing our knowledge of Ocean food chains.  The younger two boys attended a class at our local zoo learning about food chains, webs, animal homes and biomes.  We had a fun field trip to the aquarium this week too learning about ocean animals.

Math/Logic:  Alec and I played Mario chess; he beat me again!  The boys also worked in their math books this week; completing two more pages most days.  All three boys have been building a lot with our magnetic blocks.  They've had lots of fun!

English/Language Arts:  We read They're There on Their Vacation learning about homonyms.  The boys all completed another week of work in their spelling books.  They completed another assignment in their cursive books.  Evan has completed another week of word families in his book while the older two boys have completed another page in their Grammar and English books.

Reading:  Evan read Roscoe Riley Rules.  Alec read the Golden Compass.  Ian read The invisible island and we read a few more chapters in Into the gauntlet.  We're also on our last CD of The Blood of Olympus.

Physical Education:  We spent two days at the park playing with friends.  The boys played in the skate park with scooters and skateboards.  They played kickball and played on the slides and swings with their friends.  Ian and his dad have been playing ping pong. The younger two boys went to karate again this week.

Art:  We picked up our 3-d Printer projects from the library.

History: We read The First Thanksgiving.  We learned a bit more about Squanto, the voyage of the Mayflower and what their first winter was like.

Just for fun:  The younger boys played with goop (cornstarch and water) and some Mario toys.  Ian and I played three games of Trivia Crack.

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  1. Looks like a super-fun week! We recently visited the aquarium as well - one of my favorite field trips. Love the magnetic block creations! Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights - I enjoy seeing what everyone is working on each week!

    1. I saw that you had went recently and have been kicking myself for not checking it out oursevles when we drove through MD this fall. It looks amazing.

  2. The zoo and aquarium, that's my kind of week! It sounds like you were busy, but had a lot of fun!

  3. Those 3-D printer projects are so cool!! Our boys used to be fascinated by aquariums. I still am, lol. And I love that you read about the first Thanksgiving. Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!

    1. It was so neat to see the machine working them! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.

  4. Oh my!! 3D printers!! I want one :)

    1. My oldest son was pricing them out before we even left the library that day!

  5. What a great week. I miss a good Aquarium. Fort Worth doesn't have one. Sigh.

    1. It was a fun week. We're trying to get in a final few field trips before the super cold & snowy weather hits.


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