Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Our Aquarium Trip

We went on a trip to Mystic Aquarium a couple of weeks ago and we had such a wonderful time.  We met up with some friends and spent the day learning about marine animals, reptiles, and the world around us.

We also start our day with the beluga whales; they are so curious and active. 

From there we walked to see the seals and sea lions.

Then we just HAD to go see the penguins!

We headed inside the building to see all the fish.

Petting the sand sharks 

Evan was reading up a storm all day; here he is reading about the Amazon rain forest

Moray eels 

Picking up crabs and mini sea life specimens 

"painting" bird pictures 

We stopped to see the Sea Lion show

Spiderman Agama 

Green Tree Monitor 

The boys had a great time quizzing themselves on all sorts of animal facts with these interactive screens

Bearded dragon

They all had a ball with the interactive sand table; it showed a topographical map and changed
with the moving of the sand. 

A new interactive exhibit of frogs and salamanders 

Evan holding his breath "underwater"

We ended our day with the beluga whale too!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What We're Reading This Christmas

I realized last week as I posted My November Books that I rarely remember to write up a post filled with the books the boys are reading.  I know they are often included in my weekly wrap- ups but decided I wanted to start posting once a month the books they're reading (or in this case ones we're reading together).

In December we often cut way back on our schooling to make lots of time for holiday crafts, baking, books and movies.  We keep going with our math, spelling, and Language arts work but turn to reading wonderful picture and chapter books about Christmas, Santa, holiday traditions, and all things festive.

On this our 5th year of homeschooling it's getting harder and harder to find holiday books that we've never read before.  Of course we'll re-read some favorites like The Polar Express but mostly we like to try and find new books.

I was thrilled to find 20 new Christmas Books for us to enjoy together this year:

1. Shooting at The Stars: The Christmas Truce of 1914

2.  Christmas in the Country

3. The 12 Days of Christmas In New England

4. An Ellis Island Christmas

5. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

6.  Fly Guy's Ninja Christmas

7. The Legend of Holly Claus

8.  The 12 Days of Christmas

9. Silver Packages: An Appalachian Christmas Story

10. The Reindeer Wish

11. Night Tree

12. The Trees of the Dancing Goats

13. Christmas in the Big Woods

14. Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect

15.  The Light of Christmas

16.  The Christmas Candle

17. How to Catch an Elf

18. Stowaway in a Sleigh

19.  Merry Christmas Amelia Bedelia

20.  The Christmas Boot

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