Art Project #41; Wax Resist Watercolors

We made some wax resist watercolor pictures the other day.  We saw the idea on Pinterest and decided to try it out ourselves as part of our 100 Days of Art Challenge.

We've done a few wax resist watercolor paintings in the past but this particular project used the WHOLE picture as a resist.  We were intrigued with the idea and with how the final results looked so we thought we'd give it a try.

Using some heavy duty construction paper and some crayons the boys all drew and colored in a full page picture.

Once they had their picture the way they liked them we crumpled them up into a ball; pressing tightly to assure that there would be wrinkle lines left behind.

We then flattened the paper back out and washed over the whole thing using a single shade of watercolors.

Unfortunately the boys didn't love our results.

Ian was actually upset that the watercolors ruined his picture.

The other two boys were OK with the wrinkles and added paint but were disappointed that they didn't really show up as well as they thought they would.

It's hard when we don't like our completed artwork but I tried to console the boys and I explained that no artist likes EVERYTHING they create.

There is always a learning process involved in art and all we can do is look at how this project came out and try to brainstorm ideas on how to make the project turn out better next time.

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