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Pirates Voyage Dinner Show

By far one of the most memorable things about our trip to Myrtle Beach has to be the night we went to see the Pirate's Voyage Dinner show.  It was amazing!

I had stumbled upon this attraction quite by accident on Pinterest one day before our trip and after watching the short video on their site I knew my boys would LOVE it!

Boy was I right! It was an amazing show and my boys had the best time.  They're still talking about the show and their favorite parts.

Once the pre- show was finished the door were opened and we were allowed into the dining and show area.  It was immense!  The show was spectacular and the food was yummy.

We had a creamy vegetable soup with flaky biscuits, roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, and pulled pork.  For desserts we had warm apple turnovers and bottomless drinks of coffee, soda, water, sweet tea.  We weren't allowed to use flash photography during the show and I was happy to just sit back an watch. There was so much to see!

Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Went Baking at the Nursing Home

We had so many plans this week but they kept changing at that last minute; mostly due to the weather.  It's been a dreary and cold week with rain threatening most days.  I didn't mind though; all that nasty weather and canceled plans allowed us to really focus on schoolwork this week.  We managed to get so much done and still have lots of fun.

Math:  Ian started book 3 in his Key to Decimals book and is just flying through the pages.  Alec has finished up his Math Made Easy 5th grade book and will start in his new book next week.  Evan is close to finishing up his Multiplication Facts Made Easy book and has been working hard at understanding multiplication.  For now he is using his multiplication chart to help him on facts larger than 5 and we'll soon focus on memorizing them.  The older two boys completed two more pages in Are You A Math Genius and all three boys worked on the next set of pages in Multiplication Games.  Ian and I played a few games of Clue and one pretty…

52 Lists week #39; The Things I Wish For

I forgot to look up this week's list assignment until last night so I didn't have much time to think about it.    When I saw: Share your wish list all I could think about was.... "my wish list?" I was totally stumped. 

While there are always thing I want I never have a list going and when asked by my family what I'd like for my birthday or Christmas I often start to think that the things I want aren't that important and begin crossing them off in my head.  After all; they're just things and ideas for people to buy me.  I try really hard not to be materialistic and want things.  I tend to focus more on family and experiences than things and so it's hard for me to think in terms of a wish list.  If I do give out gift ideas they are often practical things that I need and not necessarily things that I want.  

But as the night wore on I realized there are some things I wish for.... they just aren't things that can be bought!

For example more than anything…

My September Reads

I thought I'd be taking a bit of a break from reading for the fall since I seem to get so sucked up in all the books that I start neglecting the housework and the boys' schoolwork and all that "other" stuff.... but I just kept on reading!  I've read some really great books this month and thought I'd share.

The Pursuit-- I love Janet Evanovich books and started reading Fox and O'hare novels as soon as they came out.  In this book Fox and O'hare must stop a madman from releasing a small pox virus onto American soil using their usual friends in the con.  With many plot twists and turns it was a fun novel to read.

When I'm Gone-- This novel by Emily Bleeker was so gripping I finished it in two days!   A man who looses his young wife to cancer mysteriously starts receiving letters from her after her funeral.  He struggles with the secrets these letters reveal and tries valiantly to both hold onto her memory and to find a "new normal" for himse…