52 Lists week #30; The Sports I Watch or Play

This week's list assignment: list the sports you like to watch or play was definitely not made for me.  I am not very coordinated and there aren't a lot of sports that I enjoy watching OR playing.  

That said I do enjoy some activities (I'm not sure how many of them could actually be considered sports though!):

I enjoy watching the Olympics
I enjoy watching any sports that my boys decide to play
I enjoy swimming, kayaking, and easy "sports" like badminton, bowing, and croquet.  
I enjoy roller skating and biking too. 
And that's just about it... 

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  1. I'm kinda the same - not a big fan of playing sports, but there are some things I like to watch.

    1. Unless I know someone playing (and even then....)I don't have the attention span for it.

  2. I am totally in the same boat, which is why I opted not to do the list this week. However, I've always been a fan of watching if I personally know someone playing. (Though I do find distractions while they are not in the game for whatever reason.)

    1. Even then I get distracted.... I can remember my husband asking me the score of the game my kids were playing and I had no idea. I was busy talking to the people around me. Luckily I never missed any important plays!

  3. I'm like you. I'm not a huge sports fan and I'm not athletic, so this was a rather short list for me!

    1. It's so unusual for me to be short and sweet!

  4. I'm glad that I am not alone in the sports department :) and I'm not athletic at all.


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