Art Project #21: Firework Glue Art

As part of our 100 Days of Art Challenge we wanted to do something fun and easy for the 4th of July.
Since one of our favorite parts of the 4th is the fireworks we decided to make firework art.

We pulled out our white school glue and made firework bursts squeezing the glue right out of the bottle.

One we had our fireworks the way we liked them we sprinkled them with salt and set them aside to dry.

After they were all dry we used our watercolors and brushes to add some colors. It's fun to watch the watercolors spread out and blend together as they move along the salt.

Evan's completed fireworks 

Alec's completed fireworks 

Ian's completed fireworks 

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  1. Those came out great! How fun! Last year we blew paint around through a straw to make fireworks.


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