Art Project #17; Spray Paint Resist

My kids were so excited at the thought of using spray paint for our art project!

I was so happy to have found a project that they were all excited to do.  I'm realizing more and more that this 100 days of Art Challenge is going to take us a good several months to complete with only doing one or two art projects a week but it really is a struggle to come up with ideas that inspire the boys.

I first found this idea on Create Art With Me and just knew my boys would love it.

And boy was I right!

We had so much fun.

Using some heavyweight card stock (I think ours was 140 lbs) and some acrylic paints we made up colorful backgrounds.  It is very important to use waterproof paint or else the paint will just wash off in the final step.

We set our paintings out to dry in the sun and gathered up the rest of our materials: some liquid dish soap and spray paint.  We had a few colors to choose from.  Ian picked black, Evan and Alec wanted gold and I chose to use white.

Once our paintings were dry we brought them onto the lawn and drizzled dish soap over them.

We QUICKLY sprayed over the entire thing with spray paint.  We noticed that if we were slow to work the dish soap spread out quite a bit and made wider/darker lines through our picture.

Here you can see the spray paint flecks floating in the dish soap 

Again we set our paintings aside to dry in the sun.

After a few minutes when the paint was dry we hosed off our paintings, washing away all the dish soap and all the spray paint that was on top of the soap.  We had neat patterns with colored sections of paper shining through.

The soap washed off very quickly

Our final paintings. 

Honestly I think my boys just enjoyed using spray paint and I told them I'd find a few more projects we could do using spray paint.

Our other art projects:
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Project 3: Star Wars Crafts
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Project 6: Watercolor outlines
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Project 13: Water gun art
Project 14: Watercolor Kits
Project 15: Dragonfly Silhouettes 

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  1. How fun! And the final projects are neat looking.

    1. I loved the end products; the boys do too and all told me they could not wait to share them with my husband this weekend.

  2. These are really neat! I think we will try it!

  3. Wow! Those turned out super cool! I had no idea you could do that with dish soap.

    1. I didn't either. Made me wonder what else I could try this technique on!

  4. I agree with your boys. It's fun to work with spray paint. I don't think I'll ever be a graffiti artist, but I'll look forward to your future projects at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

    1. Thanks! It was fun and we've used spray paint a few times now for craft projects.

  5. What a fun project! Those turned out really cool!


  6. Funny, I thought I commented earlier but apparently my comment didn't go through.

    What a fun project! Those turned out very cool!


    1. Sorry, I had to turn on spam notifications for all older posts and I hadn't gotten around to moderating comments yet.

  7. What a cool idea, looks like you had the bestest of times X #fabfridaypost

    1. It was so much fun my youngest asked if we could do it again real soon.

  8. That is really cool. I think I'll have the kids having a go at this. Looks pretty easy to do in theory. :)

    1. We just did another variation of this project yesterday (and I'll share about it soon). My boys spray painted a canvas, set it aside to dry, then dripped the dish soap over the painting and applied another color of spray paint over the top. When the top layer had dried we used the hose to wash off all the soap and reveal the color underneath. It really is easy and since I don't mind paint in the grass it's perfect to do in the summer.


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