Life with Boys

Ah! A life with boys.  I know nothing else.  

I often joke that I'm so outnumbered; even our cat is male.  I never thought I'd enjoy having a house full of boys as much as I do.

It's certainly not what I pictured when I was in my 20's looking toward the future.

I always thought I'd have kids but mostly I pictured little girls in frilly dresses with shiny Mary Jane shoes and pig tails.  I yearned for a little girl of my own; someone I could play Barbies with and remember what it was like to be a little girl.  But it was not to be.

Somehow I ended up with all boys and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world!

Yes, life with boys is messy! 

Seriously, boys are like dirt magnets.  It just clings to them and they can be covered from head to toe and not know it or just not care.  They love to be grossed out and think it's cool.  Whenever I hear "Ew, that's gross!" I know someone is going to get even closer to check it out in more detail and report back to the others.  I just know it.  Tell a boy that it's disgusting to chew with his mouth open and that you don't want to see his food and just know that at least once a day he'll try to make sure you do in fact see his chewed up food hanging out of his mouth.  Say "That's Disgusting!!" and he'll smile.

Yes, life with boys is loud!

They yell, shout, argue and seem to do just about everything at full volume.  I've even noticed mine listen to music and TV until the walls feel like they are shaking; which just means that they yell even louder when they want to talk.  There are crashes and bangs and thumps all day long. There are battle cries and toy gun pops, clicking of plastic swords, and the whizzing sound of Nerf bullets.  Because even when you swear your boys will not have weapons they will find a way!

Yes, life with boys is funny!

My boys make me laugh everyday.  They love to be silly!  They are not afraid to tell jokes that aren't all that funny and laugh at themselves.  They'll happily pass gas and proudly claim it as their own as they break into peals of laughter.  Whoopie cushions, arm fart noises and making sounds with their mouths will occupy them for hours.  They love to play practical jokes too, so be on guard.

They test my limits...

We have lived in this house for their entire lives and yet on a daily basis I have to remind them that we do not throw sand...  That running feet are best left outside... That we do not put our shoes on the furniture...  Most of the time they are moving so fast they are barely aware of what they're doing and they don't stop to think or plan ahead.

They try my patience....

Tell a boy "no!" and watch them try to figure out a way to do it anyway.  Usually my boys are sneaky enough to find a loophole in our rules too.  Often they just wear me out or wear me down because they are always on the go.

They stop my heart in fear....

I have one boy who literally climbs the walls.  He will inch his way up the walls and "walk" down the hallway like that.  They think nothing of climbing along the top of our monkey bars and trying to ride their bikes down a hill at full speed while careening toward a jump.  They love to test their own limits and see what they can do.  And just in case they can't come up with any harebrained schemes of their own boys love to dare one another too!  I always know that a trip to the emergency room is a real possibility.

But it's all I know.

Perhaps many of these same things can be said from moms of girls; I'm really not sure.

Life with boys is silly, insane and funny!

And Life with boys is extremely enriching.

To survive life with boys you just have to embrace it!  Embrace the endless talk and fascination with bodily functions.  Embrace their non-stop motion, their rough housing and their energy.  Embrace the fact that you are their mom and that their love for you is comparable to no other.


  1. YES!
    I have four sons, and your words just bless my heart.
    Yes, our dog is male.
    And yes, my oldest son and his wife have produced a grand SON!
    So thankful for boy energy and boy laughter and even for boy chaos!

    1. My mom has 12 grandchildren... 2 are girls! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Your truth is my truth as well - with two young boys, my husband and two male cats I'm surrounded as well. At least our dog is female! Love this post! Found you at #ThisIsHowWeRoll!

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVED this! I can make a confession here since none of my 3 daughters will probably ever read this! I have 8 grandchildren - 4 each of boys and girls. My favorite two are the oldest twin boys, now age seven. Oh how I love everything you described above about them! Yes, I adored my daughters, but there's just "something" about these little guys that will never be duplicated with the little ladies! There! I said it!

    1. You are too funny! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Fun, and true, post! I had 3 boys, then lo and behold, a girl! I sometimes joke to my husband about how different life might be if we had 3 girls and 1 boy. Quieter? Less dirty? I'll never know. :)

  5. Im over here smiling because I have FOUR girls!


  6. I have two boys (11&17) and the only one on my side is the useless female cat who favours all the men in the household! I wouldn't trade the boys for anything though.. they've made me a tougher chick, and I can now handle spiders and insect, no problem! :) #fdflinkparty

    1. I've gotten pretty good at bloodshed (which often made me just about pass out before kids) and insects too!

  7. As a Mummy of three boys and two girls, I can relate to this with the boys!! Although saying that, one of my girls is just as bad, she is very "rough and tumble" to put it kindly!! Life with boys is never dull that's for sure! #fabfridaypost

    1. yes, never a dull moment... I'd love just one dull moment every now and then.

  8. Thanks so much for posting to the #fandayfriday link party! Hope you got some great traffic from the party this week hope to see you again next week!

  9. I have three boys and one girl, and all of the above applies to our family. I chuckled a few times reading your post, it's brilliant! I will say one thing though - the only times we've had to go to the emergency room were for my daughter!

  10. Tell your wall-walker that's how I broke my arm the first time! I actually have a friend who just learned she'll be having boy #7 (her 7th child!) Thanks for sharing this at #FridayFrivolity

    1. Ouch! He is my most accident prone child... luckily when we repainted the hallway he finally stopped doing that.

  11. This is so funny! I don't know if I am lucky - but my girl is not really a girl - she too likes to get stuck in dirt and muddy puddles too! lol! Thank you so much for lighting me evening. :) #FabFridayPost xx

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for the media share.


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