Cinnamon Bun Cookie Sandwiches

We were having a busy day of baking yesterday and we tried a new recipe... one that we fell in LOVE with.

 I just had to share it!!

    We were making sugar cookies for Christmas and the boys were busy painting them with a mixture of evaporated milk and food coloring when I realized we had too much dough.  I had made a double batch but after 36 cookies we all felt like that was enough.

   I had the dough all rolled out to cut more dough when I decided to try making cinnamon bun cookies.

Want the recipe?  Here's what you'll need:
  1. One batch of your favorite soft roll- out sugar cookie dough (or a sugar cookie dough pouch mix with all the ingredients needed for cut out cookies).  
  2. Melted butter-- I used 3 Tablespoons; you want to make sure you have enough to cover the batter
  3. Granulated sugar- about 1/2 cup
  4. Cinnamon-- 1/8 cup 
  5. Buttercream frosting recipe (or a few cans of store bought frosting) 

To make the cookies:

  • Roll out dough until it is a nice, even, fairly thin layer (about 1/4 inch thick).  

  • Spread dough with melted butter; making sure to completely cover the dough.
  • Mix cinnamon and sugar together and sprinkle over the melted butter.  

  • Start to roll the dough starting at the longest side.  It does tend to tear a bit here and there but I just kept pinching it back together.  This was by far the hardest and most time consuming part.

  • Once I had one nice long rolled batch of dough I cut it in half and wrapped it in cling wrap.  

  • Once securely wrapped I did roll each side along the counter (the best way I can think to describe it is like rolling a snake with play dough).  I wanted to somewhat even out the fat middle of the rolled up dough with the skinny ends.  

  • I then put them in the freezer for 20 minutes to harden while I preheated the oven (350) and prepared the frosting. 
To bake the Cookies:
  • I pulled each sleeve of cookie dough out of the freezer one at a time.  Making 1/2 inch slices I set the cookies a few inches apart on an un-greased non- stick cookie sheet. Occasionally one would fall apart and again I pinched them back together.  I also flattened them just slightly with the bottom of a drinking glass.  

  • I baked them in  the oven for 12-15 minutes; or until edges are browning slightly.

  • Once baked I let them sit on the cookie sheet for 2 minutes and then transferred them to a wire rack to cool completely.  
To assemble the sandwiches: 
  • I matched up the cookies according to size as best I could (my kids enjoyed eating those few extras that did not match up!).
  • Using a piping bag (or a knife); evenly coat one cookie with the buttercream frosting and then sandwich the mate on top.  

They are DIVINE!

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  1. Replies
    1. They're already all gone! I woke to my two oldest fighting over who had "dibs" on the last two. I think we may have to make more by Christmas.

  2. Those look great! We just baked sugar and gingerbread cookies tonight. I think I have more fun than the kids!

    1. I think I made three different batches in the last month; they're gone as soon as I'm done making them!

  3. Oh my goodness! These look amazing! #SmallVictories

  4. Great idea!
    Really fun cookie.

  5. What a great idea! Pinned and totally making when we whip up a batch of sugar cookies!

  6. My son would definitely enjoy making these. Thanks for sharing on Creative K Kids #TastyTuesdays

    1. Thanks for stopping by. My boys sure had fun with it.

  7. Congratulations! Your post was my feature pick at #OverTheMoon this week. Visit me on Sunday evening and to see your feature! I invite you to leave more links to be shared and commented upon.

  8. OMG these look incredible! Thanks so much for sharing these. Found you via #TIUT & glad I did.

    1. We just bought the supplies to make another batch ourselves!

  9. My kids will love these! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Ok, this is a must try recipe! Perfect for any treat plate! Thanks for sharing at our cookie exchange at Celebrate365

    1. Thank you! We sure love them. In fact I just bought some sugar cookie dough today specifically so I can make some.

  11. Oh My Gosh! These look super tasty! I'm afraid that I would start eating them, and I wouldn't be able to stop! I've never thought to make cinnamon bun cookies before. I pinned this recipe so I have it saved.

    - Natalie A.

    1. That's absolutely what happens to me; I even eat them for breakfast!

  12. SO happy you shared these again, because now I know I'm going to add these to the list for tomorrow's cookie bake-a-thon! Chose this for my feature, too! #FridayFrivolity

  13. These sound so good!! Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday at the Fire Station link-up! You will be the featured post this week!

    1. Thanks for the feature! I'm so glad you enjoyed our recipe.

  14. Oh my, these look amazing! Anything with cinnamon speaks to me! Thanks so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend!


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