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The Science Behind Pixar; Our Trip to the Museum

We went to the Boston science museum and spent a lot of time learning about the science behind all of Disney/ Pixar movies.  It was awesome!

The boys got to try their hand at programming blades of grass in a field, working with camera placement and focus, they manipulated lighting, toyed with furniture placement in a room, changed lighting color and effects, took 2-D shapes and made them 3-D, and so much more.  They loved it!

When we finally felt like we saw most of it we headed on to see the rest of the museum.

Here are some highlights from our trip:

We played with microscopes looking at pine cones, butterfly wings, and food.  Then Alec decided to see what his sleeve, scab, and fingernails looked like up close.  The boys asked me to put my wedding rings and my Jamberry Nail wrap under the microscope and we could actually see all of the mini pixels of colors that made up each nail wrap!

We also did tests to see how much sugar was contained in various foods and drinks.

   We went …

Weekly Recap-- It's Thanksgiving Already??

I knew Thanksgiving was this week; I did.  But somehow I thought we still had more time to do stuff.  I had thought we'd head out on a field trip, finish up our school units before December, and..... well, I don't know what else but somehow I thought I had more time before all the holiday madness.  Luckily, the boys are pretty unfazed when it comes to working before the holidays and even with just a short two day week this week we managed to get SO MUCH done!

History-- We read Leah's Pony and talked about the stock market; what it is, how it works and how it started the Great Depression.  We read Rudy Rides the Rails and learned about the signs hoboes used to communicate with one another.  We read Finding Daddy: A Story of the Great Depression and learned about how many people turned to singing, dancing and acting as a way to support themselves and their families during the depression.   We took a picture walk through the book Years of Dust learning more about what it was …