Releasing Butterflies

We had a great day!  We've been growing butterflies and today they were finally ready to be released.  It has been such a wonderful and fun science experience.

The boys helped me dust the whole house, did a short math fact review sheet, read for a bit and then we all released our butterflies together.

We've been growing these butterflies for a few weeks.  It's our second year getting larvae from Insect Lore and we just love how easy and fun they are!

 The boys had fun holding them on their hands and waiting for them to take flight.  We had a few that didn't fly very far and the boys picked them up a second time and waited patiently for them to take flight a second time.  We watched them flying off into the distance and hoped they'd survive the cold weather we've been having lately.  Who would have thought we'd have to worry about the weather being warm enough to release butterflies in June?!

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