On The Go!

   While our days have definitely quieted down quite a bit I still feel like we're often on the go.  Today was one of those days where I knew we were going to be gone so much that school work was going to be next to impossible but that's OK.  There's more to life and learning than just books and days like today help me focus on all that "other" learning.  We  had a bit of time before we had to leave the house this morning and Ian made waffles from scratch for everyone.  Other than asking me to take out the waffle pan and asking how to decide how many chocolate chips to add to the batter, he didn't need any help at all this time.  He doubled the recipe again and happily set to work-- reading, measuring, mixing, and following directions.  He even game a mini lesson to Alec about how to measure out the batter, pour it evenly into the waffle maker, and safely take out the finished waffles.  Alec was eager to learn but nervous about getting burned.  It was neat to see Ian take over and teach for once.  The boys did an amazing job.  I ended up eating chocolate chip waffles too and boy were they ever delicious!   Now if only I could get Ian to bake and cook a few other dishes then we'd truly be all set.  I'm toying with the idea of having each of the boys help me cook dinner one night a week, but I do enjoy my peace and quiet in the kitchen so I'm not totally sold on that idea yet. 

    We read some more of our Harry Potter book while eating breakfast, knowing we'd most likely not be home to do that later.  After breakfast we all got ready.  The boys made beds, put away their laundry, got dressed, brushed and flossed their teeth.  We all piled into the car to head to our lawyer's office.  I had to sign some papers and knew it would be quick enough to bring the boys with me.  I had never set food in a lawyers office until I was an adult and found it a bit intimidating at first.  Knowing the boys were not at all impressed by a "lawyer's office" was great.  They asked a few questions but mostly just observed and we were in and out pretty quickly.  They sat in the waiting room while I met with the lawyer.  She, of course, asked the usual "no school today?" question and I responded that we homeschool.  Like usual, my response was met positively.  She congratulated me on my ability and willingness to homeschool.  Then asked if I had educational background, not because she didn't think I was qualified to teach, but because I didn't seem at all intimidated by the fact that I was teaching.  She confessed that he had wanted to be a stay at home mom but realized rather early on that she was a better mother when she was working with other adults and had breaks from her kids.  She remarked that she thought it was important for all of us moms to know ourselves enough to know what we're best at.  I heartily agreed.  While I love homeschooling I'm quite quick to admit it's not for everyone.  Everyone CAN homeschool if they want to but yeah, I think it's great for all us moms (and parents) to respect each other's decisions and work with our strengths.  The boys played Minecraft on the Kindles and the other women in the office soon realized what they were playing.  They all have kids and are deep in the Minecraft craze too.  My boys enjoyed talking with them and sharing their knowledge and I could tell they all enjoyed the exchange too.
   We immediately headed across town for Alec's dentist appointment, and though we were a few minutes late, we soon had him settled into the dentist's chair.  I let him handle the hygienist's questions and listened in on their conversation about tooth care and cleaning.  My kids all enjoy and look forward to going to the dentist for their cleanings and I hope it always remains that way.  He had a great check up and we all piled back into the car. 
   Ian was asking Alec and Evan for help with his Minecraft game and they told Ian that he had discovered gold.  For my boy that suffers from gold fever this was excellent news.  His eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning as he hurriedly asked what the best way to mine it was.  He turned to be, elated, and exclaimed that he had found gold.  The face was priceless and I was momentarily reminded how lucky I am to share even these tiny little accomplishments with my boys. 
   We headed home for an hour or so until gym time.  I hadn't planned on doing anything but we ended up having a mini geography/ cultural lesson.  We had a gift of candies and treats from Mexico that we had received.  I took out a knife and we spent a bit of time trying each of the candies.  We talked about possible ingredients, local plants, and spices.  The boys compared the tastes and textures and ultimately Ian was the only one to like any of them.
Can you tell what Alec thinks of coconut candies?

   Ian worked on painting the first coat on his airplane while Alec read his chapter book and Evan ran around playing with swords and toys.  Our time at home was short lived and all the kids piled back into the car to head to our gym class.  We listened to even more of our book on CD and now only have 3 more disks left to go!


     At gym they went through some warm up exercises, ran through an obstacle course a time or two, and played Simon says.  The kids also played quite a few games of gaga ball and then tried to play capture the flag for a bit.  Evan was not having fun at all today once the obstacle course was cleaned up.  He's not a huge fan of gaga, mostly because he tends to get out fairly fast and that frustrates him.  His team was loosing at capture the flag too and I think all of this was compounded by the fact that he didn't bother to eat lunch.  None of us did after having a large, filling breakfast of waffles, but I still think by 2:00 the kids were starving.  We've noticed that makes a huge difference with Evan and his attitude.  The older boys stayed after class to practice their karate form with their teacher and to play a game with "just the big kids" called Ninja.  They had fun learning this new, made up game but I could tell Evan was near melt down mode by then so we packed it in. 
Warming up

Simon says

Capture the flag


    We needed to stop at the store for a few things.  Evan was pretty moody and grouchy then too so I ended up buying us another box of protein bars and handed him one as soon as we got in the car.  By the second store I had a totally different happy kid!  We ran into Ian's first grade teacher and he was thrilled that he was taller than her now.  They chatted for a bit and she commented on how busy we keep.  I sure couldn't argue with that!  We picked up some glass ornaments and some yarn so we can start in on our Christmas crafting real soon.  I reminded the boys that come Thanksgiving traditional school tends to fall by the wayside and we'll be concentrating on crafting, baking, and holiday fun.  They're looking so forward to that and I have to admit that I can't wait either.  We have some really neat and different crafts planned for this year as well as our traditional paper snowflakes and household d├ęcor type items.  It's always such a fun time of year. 



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