A Lazy Pajama Day

  I had such a fun- filled day of activities planned for us all today.  We are without a car while mine is in the shop with three different re-call notices.  We were going to have a pajama day and knowing we had ALL day at our disposal I had fun art, science, and geography lessons planned on top of our usual reading, writing, and arithmetic.  After spending most of the night tossing and turning and waking up feeling severely under the weather all my lesson plans, once again, went out the window.  I decided to just sit back, watch and listen. 
   By 10 I was begging the kids to do something with their day.  They had spent the morning watching TV, playing Minecraft, watching all the animals outside on our beach (the heron, ducks, and cat), and just lazing around.  I'm all for a nice lazy day around the house but feel like we've been slacking off more than usual lately.  I really wanted them to do something with their day and knew if allowed them to they'd spend the whole day staring at screens.  I demanded they all shut off all screens and go shower to get ready for the day.
   As soon as Evan was done with his shower he wanted to read together.  He read Can I Play Too?  I'm not sure if this was an easier elephant and piggy book than usual or what but today he did just amazing.  I was busy eating a snack and so I wasn't holding the book, pointing at the words or correcting him as quickly as I normally would and he was keeping himself in check correcting himself more often.  He read almost the entire book on his own with little input from me and I pointed that out to him that he was reading so many pages in a row without my saying anything.  I hope he was feeling proud of himself.  He was definitely loving the story and started making predictions about My New Friend Is So Fun!, which I'm sure we'll be reading together tomorrow.  When he was done reading I asked him if he'd like to work in his Star Wars books.  He excitedly said "yeah!" and asked me to go get them.  We worked together to complete a page on circling words that have the short "u" sound in them in his phonics books and then he completed two pages in his math book on graphing.  He was thrilled to be done with school first and thought his work was fun today.  Go figure!  I rarely think of workbooks as fun.
   Ian was already setting up The Scrambled State of America game and had asked me to play while I was working with Evan so afterwards I went and sat with Ian.  We took turns reading the clues out loud and it was a pretty close game; he beat me by 3 cards!  He then asked if we could play Yahtzee! or some other game as part of math today.  He told me he really wanted to play Clue but didn't think that was anything to do with learning.  I explained that Clue works on deductive reasoning, strategy, and logic skills which are math skills.  Alec wanted to play too and so we set up the game and went over the rules.  We played an extremely quick first round because Alec mistakenly though the ballroom was the billiard room and so we thought we had solved the game.  We then went on to play another round.  It was a pretty close game but in the end I ended up winning.  I usually do with Clue.  They're still just learning to play and I try to teach them some of the subtle nuances of the game as we go along.  I'm happy that they still enjoy playing and don't give up.  If it hadn't been lunchtime I think they would have played a third round. 
    The boys settled down for lunch and I read another chapter in Harry Potter.  After lunch Alec took his math minute and settled down to start, yet another, book series.  He's reading Wings of Fire; book one in the Dragonet series.  He started it last night when he went to bed and he told me it's excellent. I asked him if he was going to get confused reading a book about dragons and listening to our book on CD about dragons but he assured me that with different characters and different settings that his was not big deal.  Ian promised to read a chapter in his book at bedtime and so all three boys declared themselves "done" with school for today.  I knew they still had hours to kill until it was time to turn screens back on and so I settled in to watch and wait and see what else they'd do. 
   Turns out when I'm tired and under the weather the only thing else they want to do is wrestle.  After my third attempt to break it up and threaten punishments I caved and gave them all screens back.  The boys watched movies, played Kindles and Alec played Warriors on the computer.  I guess it's been a while since we've had a real lazy day with screens so I didn't stress about it overly much.  We had a nice day, got some schoolwork done and we were all smiling at the end; in my mind that's all that matters. 


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