Weekend fun

Weekends during the summer we try to spend lots of time exploring outside.  We try to focus on forging family bonds and connecting with friends.

This weekend was no different.

We spent all day on Saturday enjoying the lake with some family friends.  The boys went tubing, boating, jet skiing, swimming and had a ball playing with 4 other kids of assorted ages from 8- 2ish.  We enjoyed good food, went on a walk/ bike/ scooter ride, and made a nice fire to toast s'mores.  It was a very nice relaxing day and the boys went to bed late, happy and exhausted. 
Ian and his dad heading out fishing down the river in their kayaks Sunday morning.  They had a fishing contest going and Ian was so proud of himself that he won; by one fish!  That meant that his dad had to make him lunch and Ian got bragging rights for the day.  While they were gone Alec, Evan and I ran a bunch of errands.  They played educational games in the car while we were out and about.  Evan played Word Monkey and Stack the States.  Alec patiently agreed to read his clues for him and Evan was doing quite well with his answers.  Alec played a few new Kindle apps we had downloaded-- Cimo Can Spell and Simply Fractions 3.  He also played 2048 and Stack the States as well.  I can't believe how much he knows about the United States! 
Once home we all had lunch and then we loaded up the backpack and set out for a family hike.  We tried to geocache but all the points we started out hunting for turned out to be on the opposite side of a river we were hiking along so we eventually gave up and just enjoyed the nature around us.  We saw caterpillars, toads, frogs, butterflies, and birds.  The boy collected a stick, a huge leaf, some feathers, and a special rock.  We ended our day with an ice cream treat and another few spins around the lake in the boat.  The older two boys tubed for quite some time and had a ball!  It was a great weekend with just a bit of learning thrown in.

We found so many tiny toads!

Their grapes are already turning purple

We noticed this bamboo look alike plant had hollow tubed stems just like bamboo

taking a break in an old dried up river bed


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