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Self- Guided Learning and Games

Ian came into my room while I was exercising yesterday morning and placed a few books on my bed.  When I asked him what was up he told me he had already started his schoolwork and had finished reading. 

He read a book called Near One Cattail: Turtles, Logs and Frogs.  I was impressed!  It was only 6:30 or so and here he was getting his schoolwork done! 

Working Outside

It was such  a nice day that we decided we all needed to take advantage of it and go for a nice walk this morning.  We try to work outside whenever we can in the summer.  We often bring out science experiments, art projects or even just our school books and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while learning something fun together.

We left our yard and went for a hike in the woods.  We saw birds, examined a spider web, talked about deer, scat, deer ticks and the diseases ticks carry, as well as some unusual fungi.  They hemmed and hawed about taking a walk, especially when I warned them that I wanted to do some sort of walking outside everyday but ultimately we had a good time. 

It's amazing to me that we always seem to find something different on each walk we take; even if we walk in the same places often!

Once home for our walk, the boys wanted to play on the swings and Ian wanted to show me what he had been working on in the sand all morning while I was cleaning.  I let them play …

Sprinkling in Subjects Through the Summer

The boys were asking to do school today so I put them in charge of what they wanted to learn about.  I don't typically have a lot of schoolwork all planned out for the summer.  We try to work on a bit of math and reading each day while sprinkling in other subjects as the boys

I had asked Evan if he wanted me to find him some word and math games or if he wanted to work in his Star Wars workbooks and he chose his books.  He just LOVES them!  He sat right down yesterday morning and completed two pages in his phonics book and two pages in his math book!

We looked through the book Flotsam together using the pictures for telling the story aloud as we went. 

He then read Goodnight, Gorilla to me and only needed help with the word "dear." He declared himself done for the day and I was fine with that. 

I'm finding that getting actual books from the library that he can read with little to no help is helping him see himself as a reader much more effectively than any of the B…