Easter Science Fun With Peeps

I've been promising the boys for some time now that we could have some fun with Easter Peeps marshmallow candies testing out different experiments we've been seeing on Pinterest.

We started our day with Evan practicing sight words using letter rubber stamps and play- dough.  The boys all worked on math, reading and spelling; trying to get their work done quickly so we could move onto our fun Easter science experiment.

Once our schoolwork was over we finished up our day with a quick Peeps science experiment.

First up, the boys each wanted to taste a Peep.  I can't say I agree that they've never had one before but I know better than to bring anything edible into our school day without planning on extras for snacks.

 The boys wanted to try melting the bunnies in the microwave.  

They hypothesized that the bunny would turn to marshmallow goo like Fluff when heated.  They did not expect the bunny to gown and expand first though.  They thought it was so awesome that they wanted to try the experiment again using two bunnies and see if they would grow into one another and get stuck.  I let them sample a small piece of the melted bunnies too and they assured me it tasted just like Fluff.

our before picture

Our during picture-- sorry it's not the best, but it's not easy to take a picture of a shiny microwave!  And I wanted to capture the Peep in mid- puff; they quickly deflate once the microwave goes off.

For our final experiment the boys wanted to try dissolving the Peeps. 

They wanted to try vinegar, hot water, and vanilla extract; the three top contenders from our dissolving candy experiment we did around Christmas time.

Right away we noticed the hot water turned pink and the bunny had a rim of foam around it.  The boys had already decided that hot water would work the best and used this as evidence that they were right.

our peeps at the start of our experiment

the foaming bunny in the hot water

By late afternoon we swapped out the soggy paper bowls and turned the peeps over to see if there had been any change; some, but not much!  We found most of the sugar had come off the outside but the marshmallow part stayed the same. 

We kept the Peeps dissolving for a few days and while they got soft; none of them really dissolved!  We talked about why that was and what Peeps must be like inside our bodies.   


  1. What a great mom you are to cultivate your children's inner curiosity!

  2. Oh peeps. This is a much better use for those things.


  3. Never seen peeps before don't think they've made it to England. The experiment looks fun though, why is it that taste is always high up on the experiment list with kids, always amuses me!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. I think you might have lucked out with not having peeps; they are quite awful... a giant marshmallow covered in bright grainy sugar. But oh yeah, if food is involved in our schooling in any way I know I have to have extras for "taste testing."


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