Books for Learning About Russia

We read a few books about Russia today.  Every few months we like to pick a new county to learn about and right now we're studying Russia.

The books we'll be using for our Russia study:

Russia ABC's

The Magic Nesting Doll

Breaking Stalin's Nose

My First Book of Russian Words

Look What Came from Russia

Babushka's Doll

At the Wish of the Fish

Luba and the Wren

Rechenka's Eggs

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  1. This is awesome! It's so hard to find resources and books on Russia for kids. Stopping by from the #DiverseKidlit linkup!

    1. Thank you! It did take a bit of time to compile a good list.

  2. Thanks for the booklist and activities, and for sharing in the #diversekidlit linkup. I've pinned this for my readers.

  3. As a child I always used to feel sorry for American children, having to memorize so many state names and capitals - we're so lucky to have considerably fewer to learn here in Canada! ;-)

    1. LOL! There are quite a few that's for sure. I know a few capitals but my husband does know all 50; a skill I never quite mastered.

  4. Great book set! I always liked sharing "The Littlest Matryoshka" with my third graders (though it's more about the dolls' immigration to the US). Thanks for sharing with #diversekidlit!

    (You may want to update your book covers, as many of the images no longer appear.)

    1. Thanks... and funny, because I can still see them all! Good to know though, thanks.

  5. Wow! You guys are learning Russian? Is it a difficult language to master? Love this list of books.

    1. No, we're not learning Russian just learning about the country and it's inhabitants. We did look at a few beginner books of Russian just to see a few of their words (and we do know someone who lives there) but figured that was probably taking our unit just a bit too far to try and master their language.


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