Worksheets to the rescue!

   I hate Mondays.  OK, maybe that's a bit of an overstatement, but Mondays are hard.  I don't know how I used to get the boy all up, dressed, and out of the house in time for school when they attended public schools.  Seriously we barely make it out of the house by 9 and it's usually more like 9:30 or so before we're actually backing the car out of the garage.  Most days this isn't a problem for us but on Monday we have trampoline and if we're even a minute late Ian starts to freak out about not getting his favorite trampoline.  Monday is also a day I always have to pack lunches for the kids.  Trampoline time is right around lunch time and so it's one day they all eat in the car.  I never think to pack lunches on Sunday night and so I'm running around Monday morning motivating kids to get ready, pack lunches and then BLAM! it usually hits me that I forgot to plan lessons for the day.  Today was made even worse since I am determined to exercise everyday as soon as I get up no matter what.  I mistakenly thought the kids would get ready while I exercised, showered and got myself ready.  I also had tons of laundry piling up, needed to figure out what we were having for dinner, and just felt so rushed all morning long.   We've been trying to embrace unschooling more but.... sometimes I think that just isn't possible for us.

     Ian, who is my early riser, made his own egg sandwich for breakfast, dressed, cleaned his room and made sure he was all ready to go nice and early.  Alec and Evan waited for me to be ready and then begged for egg sandwiches.  Normally I would never have cooked breakfast on a Monday but I really wanted an egg sandwich too so while I cooked I also packed lunches and I recruited the boys to help (because I really just needed one more thing to do!).  I then decided it was a day for worksheets.  We rarely use them in our house but I knew it was something they could all do in the car and it would make me feel better about tackling school work.  I gave each of the older boys a Thanksgiving Mad Lib sheet I printed off the internet and a Pilgrim hat graph.  I told them to take turns filling in the mad libs and knew they'd get spelling as well as grammar practice this way.  I gave them a super quick mini- lesson on plotting coordinates on a graph and off they went. 

        It's harder to find worksheets for Evan but I finally stumbled upon a Turkey coloring page where he'd have to read the color words and color the numbers.  I printed it out and had him bring his worksheet as well as a new book called Hug into the bathroom with me and had him read to me while I brushed teeth.  He read his book and then we worked together to read the color words and identify numbers.  Alec saw his coloring sheet and was bummed he didn't have one like that so I offered to print out an add and color sheet for him.  I automatically made two copies and offered one to Ian too.  Imagine my surprise when all three boys completed all the worksheets without a single grumble or complaint!  On top of that Ian and Alec practiced writing their names in cursive on their worksheets when they were done! 

      Alec graduated to practicing flips on the trampoline today.  He had to jump up in the air jackknife himself into a tumble and land on his back for a bounce and then sit up.  He did great but I was a wreck watching him the whole time.  I was so afraid he'd land on his neck!  I'm amazed each week by all three boys dedication to the sport, determination to learn new skills and fearlessness! 
    We spent our entire afternoon at the dentist.  Alec needed three teeth sealed, x-rays and a cleaning.  The boys asked all sorts of questions about the sealants and watched the whole process.  It was pretty interesting.  I then took the other two boys to sit in the waiting room while he had his teeth cleaned.  We ended up spending almost 2 hours at the dentist's office!  Something I was totally unprepared for and I was pretty proud of the boys for how well they behaved that entire time.  Since they had spent the vast majority of the weekend playing video games and watching movies my husband and I had decided they wouldn't have any screens at all today.  They grumbled a bit, but packed toys to bring with them and did an excellent job of behaving. 


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