A Homeschooling Theater Workshop

 I decided to turn our Thursday into an "animal" day.

We watched Saving A Species: killer whale, Shark and Dolphin.  It was pretty good too. It's put out by Sea World and it talks all about at risk animals, what is being done to help them, and how we can help save them.

We read our Bugs and Bugsicle book and I had the boys predict what each insect would do in winter before I read the section.  We learned a lot about bugs from this beautifully illustrated story.

We finished our morning playing Animal Tracks Memory.

The boys had to match each animal to it's animal track (they're both labeled with small words so the boys could learn various animal tracks too).  Too bad they ended up yelling and screaming at one another over the game and I made them clean it up before they finished.   I told them they could go to their rooms or outside but they really needed to split up.

Ian headed outside and fixed his saw so he could continue to work on his garage.  The other two elected to play in their rooms.

I reluctantly packed them up to head our for a homeschool group play date today.  I say reluctantly because I just wasn't sure how the boys would act today.  They've been getting progressively meaner, louder and, just so much in each other's faces and spaces this week that I'm at my whit's end.  I think cabin fever is setting in and we need to get out and about.
While in the car we listened to more of The Hobbit (and I think we'll be listening to it for a looong time since it's a 10 disc set!). 

We arrived and had so much fun!

The mom who organizes our homeschool play group has a wide age- range of kids so she also runs a tween and teen group too.  Today's play group was a theater workshop and a few of the tweens and teens participated.  They performed a song from their summer musical and then asked for volunteers for the audience.

We learned a lot and even had a teen there from our local group who does live theater and film productions.  She was leaving from our group to head to Boston for rehearsals.  I was glad to hear her say she's actually playing a "boys" part in her latest production.

My boys learned about props, make up artists, behind the scenes workers, and even got a chance to try out a few acting skills.

They played a few character games, got silly, tried on props, and acted out a small scene from Hamlet.  I think Alec amazed a mom or two by memorizing his line and not using his cue card at all, like the other kids.  To me that was just Alec being Alec.

Alec was disappointed to still be alive at the
end of the play.

They learned a bit more about Shakespeare, learned the names of some of his famous plays, and talked about the three different genres he wrote about.  They had so much fun. 

Ian was such an evil king

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