Rainy Day Fun

   It was gray, cool and rainy here yesterday.  Ian was upset at being stuck in the house and was complaining that it was boring before we even had breakfast.  We had a few movies that were due back at the library that I had wanted to the boys to watch as part of our schooling-- The Call of The Wild and Treasure Island.  I told them they could watch movies while we worked on our art project of the day.  They picked Call of the Wild, but Ian was the only one who ended up watching the whole thing.  I can't blame the younger two boys, I thought it was a bit boring too and kind of graphic for my animal lover. 
    We made some lovely apples to add to our fall window displays.  I cut out a large outline of an apple (or several apples actually) and then we laid the cutout over a large pieces of contact paper.  We placed the apples sticky side up in front of ourselves and covered the contact paper with colored bits of tissue paper and/ or pieces of colored c-thru plastic three ring binder dividers.  I had picked up several packages of these three ring binder dividers at the dollar store and we cut them up to use on various craft projects.  We love that they're see through yet colorful.  I LOVE how these apples turned out!  I just wish the boys had wanted to make more of them... I would have put them up in every room of our house.  So pretty! 
apples with colored plastic

our apples and leaves togehter

apples with tissue paper

Hard at work making apples
    We ran out in the rain to run just a couple of errands and the boys all convinced me to buy them some candy.  I did so very reluctantly, but ended up being glad I did.  Once home Evan sat at the table with his skittles and divided all the colors into different groups.  He started asking me questions like "mom, what's 6+3+3+2=?"  I'd tell him and he'd say "yep, you're right!"  He was taking pieces of his candies, all in different colors and different size groups and adding them together making up long addition sentences and counting them up to find out the answer--- self guided addition!

     The boys spent the day watching movies, playing Lego's, reading books and just hanging out.  They helped with dishes, laundry and cleaning their rooms.  We stripped Ian's bed and re-made it with clean sheets and I marveled over how far they've all come in being able to really help out around the house.  They still do so reluctantly but at least now I don't have to sneak around behind them and correct any of their work. 
       Alec had started karate this week and he had a small introductory class to earn his white belt, the other two boys did not want to go to this at all.  I explained that it wasn't a full class, just a quick 5-10 min review with Master B and once Alec recited his creed that he'd memorized he'd get his belt and we'd sign him for up for classes.  We stopped at the library on the way to karate, since we once again had a whole bagful of books that came in.  The boys had brought DS's and the Kindle in the car to keep them occupied only to find that the batteries were dead.  They all eagerly picked out a new library book and set to work reading.  By the time Alec's karate started he was half- way through his chapter book!  Master B invited the other two boys to join Alec and learn a bit about karate but Evan declined.  Ian, however, had a great time and eagerly participated.  Alec quickly earned his white belt and was shown around the Dojang, told about various practices of respect he must follow and then he was invited to join the class that was taking place just as we finished up.  It was his age group and he eagerly agreed.  Ian groaned and Master B told Ian he was more than welcome to join the class for today too and try it out.  He declined and instead chose to sit with Evan and I in the parent viewing area.  Evan played his DS and Ian asked me to go to the car and get his book.   He never even opened it to read it.  Ian was engrossed in watching the class.  He came over to me and said that he might want to sign up too.  Alec LOVED his first class and caught on to most of the moves and routine fairly quickly.  He can't wait to go back. 


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