Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Karate kids

     Today I started my day by making the boys breakfast and telling them I was going to start cleaning the upstairs.  They sat down to eat and I marveled at their wonderful spooky Halloween stories they were taking turns making up and telling one another.  There was such expression, wonderful sound effects and moments of real terror.  I marveled at how far their story telling skills have come even though we rarely (if ever) write stories.  I do feel that story telling is great practice for writing stories and encourage them to tell stories as often as they like.
      They finished breakfast, cleaned up their dishes, got all ready for the day and settled in to watch a few episodes of the Magic School Bus.  Ian got bored after a bit and decided to watch the last episode of Popular Mechanics for Kids.  I was so grateful that they had taken it upon themselves to learn some science today since I felt like I had once again dropped the ball in finding any time to plan or implement lessons. 
     I really wanted to at least get one of the boys started with their science fair projects.  Somehow I had thought we had two additional weeks in which to get these done, but we don't!  Yikes!  After lunch,  I asked Alec to come over to the computer with me and dictate some facts about Lesser Pandas and Giant Pandas.  Next thing I knew we had 6 printed pages! We glued them to his board, printed out a coordinating map showing both animals' territories, affixed a title to the whole board and now all we need is to print a few pictures of the animals and we're done!  We also settled on a snack to make/ take with us as well as a craft project.  Now if I can only work this quickly and efficiently with the other two boys we'll be all set. 

Alec actually decided to try riding a scooter today!
    We left the house to run some quick errands-- mainly picking up printer ink and supplies for the science fair crafts and snacks.  I promised the boys time to play at the park when we were done errands.  Ian was kind enough to pack up the car with helmets and scooters, he even offered to pack his old scooter so Alec could ride too.  The boys had a fun afternoon racing each other on scooters, watching the older boys on their scooters doing tricks and jumps. They ran, climbed and played on the slide and playground until it was time to get ready for karate.

    The other two boys decided they wanted to take karate too so it was Ian and Evan's first day.  I wasn't sure Evan would really participate but he did and he loved it!  Both boys had an awesome time and did really well.  They memorized the one student creed they needed to each earn their white belts.  Alec managed to earn his second patch-- the second patch in two weeks!  They all can count to five in Korean already!  They recognize the Korean flag and know that the red color goes on top.  I can't believe how passionate they are about karate and how much they have learned in such a short amount of time. 

Evan jumped right into class, not at all intimated! 

Practicing kicks

Ian practicing his punches

Alec's new patch! 

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