Another New Baby: Another Scrapbook Album

I have a sister in law who is expecting her third child soon and this time she's having a boy!  She already has two older girls and, of course, I just had to make them a scrapbook.  I used many pre-made "baby boy" scrapbook papers and coordinated them with little embellishments and solid colored paper.

I just LOVE how this album came out.

I usually try to limit myself to 4x6 photo blocks only but this time I branched out and used various sizes. I then labeled the paper so they would know what size to develop the photos to fit on each page (or how to cut them down with a paper cutter).  I'm sorry these aren't the best photos, but they didn't look this dark when I first took them! 

He's finally here

How cute is that?

Monkey around

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails...

Owl always love you (I think this was my FAVORITE page!)

father and son

First steps (you can't see the little feet that are embossed on the blue background paper.. )

Boys, noise, and toys

roll, sit, crawl and stand page

Hanging out with my sisters

A mother's love

sleep tight

sweet baby boy

bath time

baby boy


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