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We're willingly writing!

I couldn't believe it today when I told my boys we were going to be writing and no one complained!  Evan wrote his first and last name twice in his best, neatest, handwriting.

He knows his first name very well but it's one of the few times he's had to write his last name.  By the time he wrote it twice he knew how to spell it.  I asked him a few times throughout the day to tell me how he spells it and he got it right every time!  It's such small progress but it feels like a huge leap.  T

The older two boys wrote a short story (more like a paragraph) about their Lego Minifigures.  I had downloaded and printed off many writing ideas from Homegrown Learners quite a while ago and had forgotten all about them.  The boys are very big into Lego's so I thought they'd enjoy this assignment.

They each wrote a cute little story and tried very hard to make sure to use the proper spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.  They aren't perfect, but I still love the s…

Painting Fall Leaves and Checking out the Science Center

I couldn't decide if I wanted to make Friday art day or field trip day so we made it both!  
We started our morning painting fall leaves.  I cut leaf shapes out of white paper and set out yellow, red and orange paint.  The boys dotted paint onto the leaf shapes and then we used cling wrap to mix the colors together and make interesting patterns on the leaves.  
They enjoyed the project immensely and ended up making a lot of colorful leaves.  
I can't wait for them to dry so I can put them up in the windows.  I miss all the decorations we had in our windows last fall and winter when we were avidly crafting each week.  I already have some pretty fall apples planned for next week. 

Once we were done art I had all the boys get ready for the day while I packed lunches for our field trip.  We decided to head to the Ecotarium once again.

They have a new exhibit we haven't seen yet and in September everything is 1/2 off (admission, the train ride, the planetarium shows) so I was …

Me on the Map-- A Fun Geography Activity

Thursday is geography and history day and I really wasn't sure what I wanted to teach them today.  Then I remembered something I had seen on Pinterest about making personalized maps and set to work putting together something that would work for us.

I love the idea of showing the boys that their room and our corner of the world is just one tiny speck in the grand scheme of things.

We started with the world map and worked our way backward through North America, The United States, New England, etc. and we'll end up with their road, house and room.

I  have been wanting do to this project for a while but knew the boys would complain because it's a lot of  work-- there are 10 pages to complete.

I found printable maps for almost everything at Eduplace.  I only wish I had been able to scale the maps down a bit. I cut a piece of colored construction paper for each layer; making sure the pages got larger (or smaller) as we put our books together.

We had so much fun with our maps t…