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One Trip to Mystic Aquarium-- Multiple Subjects Covered!

We headed out for a day at Mystic Aquarium and listened to a bit more of Treasure Island on the car ride there.

I'll be honest and admit that I don't really like this book.  It's boring (to me) and I'm constantly getting confused because I'm not always listening as well as I should.  The boys, however, seem to enjoy it, Ian especially.  He quickly summarizes the story for me when I turn it off to ask a quick question so I know he's following along.  I dread listening to the whole thing but I can't bear to tell them they can't listen to it!

We did take breaks from the story and use our Brain Quest packets for some fun trivia time and we sang along with some songs on the radio.

We arrived just before lunch and we were all amazed at how packed it was.  All the parking lots were full and there was a huge line to get in the gate!

Luckily, we're members and members have their own gate so we didn't have to wait in line.  I sat back and let the boys se…

Rocks, Bounce Pillows, and Ice Cream; Visiting Purgatory Chasm and West End Creamery

We had plans to visit Purgatory Chasm, have some lunch, and wait for West End Creamery to open.  These two places are only about 5 minutes away from each other and my boys LOVE the chasm.  I have been wanting to visit West End Creamery for a while since I have heard such wonderful things about them and their delicious ice cream.

We arrived at the Chasm around noon and had some lunch.  On the way to the picnic area near the playground the boys climbed a few rocks and slid down one really large one.  They happily played and ate and we never even made it into the chasm.

They met some kids on the playground and had so much fun playing they didn't want to stop.  Not having any real agenda for our day, other than getting back to our fun family outings, I let them play.

It was hot and sunny and all the boys were getting pretty sweaty.  One by one all the kids we met left and so we decided to head to the creamery.

On the way to our car we stopped in the building and looked around at al…